What I Want From ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

We’ve been teased and intrigued by a few new trailers for AMC’s Walking Dead spin-off: Fear The Walking Dead. After five season of Rick Grimes in post zombie outbreak with limited knowledge of the disaster itself. This new series promises an insight into the moments before and during the outbreak, set in Los Angeles.

After such a success with the main series there will be so much expected from this new spin off. I, amongst so many other fans, will be expecting the same quality of plot and general zombie-ness but I don’t want attempts at replicating the characters that we already know and love. I don’t want another Rick, Daryl or Michonne cropping up. I want a fresh and clever new approach to the concept with a new bunch of characters to experience it with.

I expect there to be a medical side almost with the same feel as episode 6, season 1 with potentially a human created disease causing the problems? There should be plenty of typical disaster movie scenes and moments as the zombie disaster starts to spread through the city and then further out into the world. One link to the main series I hope for is hint of a cure. What if there is some weight behind Eugene’s ludicrous tale? Is there a medical way around the outbreak waiting for Rick’s group in Los Angeles? I don’t necessarily want there to be means for the zombies to be eradicated, but a hint at medical solace would be an interesting inclusion in Fear the Walking Dead’s storyline.

I guess the character that we meet in the spin off may have some relevance to the main story. There are no rumours of large Walking Dead cast members appearing but there has to be some mention at some point. I have to have another Tuco in Better Call Saul moment in another one of my favourite series! Rooting for a brief Merle or Bob appearance personally. If the series really takes off the characters may intertwine with the main show if they survive the antics of the first season.

Plenty to look forward to in August as we await the untold part of the zombie outbreak! It might quell the anguish of having to continue to wait for the next season of Rick awesomeness!

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