Jurassic World (2015) – Film Review


As the highest grossing film of 2015 thus far, it was a must see for me. I vaguely remember watching the older Jurassic Parks but I didn’t approach the film as a super fan with high expectations. Fair to say it was pretty awesome! I mean, in action flicks now its not very often we see anything straying too far from the plot line clichés, but with giant dinosaurs running amok I think we can forgive a few small common elements between other films. This review will more than likely contain spoilers!

So of course, humans have messed with nature’s law again, and someone decided to reopen the park which the dinosaurs managed to destroy last time and fill it with even more dinosaurs. This of course spells disaster as the new man-made Indominus Rex (a hybrid new attraction) becomes too clever for its cage and escapes into the resort. Owen Brady (Chris Pratt) is the raptor trainer and hero of the film who is left to deal with problems left by the park’s hapless owners, primarily Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) whose nephews Gray (Ty Simkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson) are on the island during the escape. The acting wasn’t too shabby, you have to give credit to actors for there interaction with the CGI that isn’t there yet. The youngest boy was close to becoming annoying but fortunately dinosaurs started killing people before things got to teary. But for a special effects film you couldn’t complain too much about the human element. Chris Pratt can do no wrong for me, he is, after all, Starlord.

Onto the dinosaurs, the effects were pretty spectacular with a large variety of species to deal with. The human interaction was done very well as the Raptor and Chris Pratt scene was done convincingly. The large scale panning scenes across the park and island looked realistic and genuine. I especially enjoyed the pterodactyls swooping over the unsuspecting crowds below. The Indominus Rex was nothing compared to the Mosasaurus, by far the most epic dinosaur on the park. I couldn’t fault any of the visuals, it was very impressive. However, the dinosaurs pose a question asked many times by film makers – what humans do with them. There is another jab at the state of human nature that is fueled towards revenue and artillery. We seem to have an innate desire to dominate and use all new and powerful species or elements for our own gain, and Jurassic World proved another example how these motives will eventually end in destruction and our demise. A firm warning to on how we watch our intervention with nature, just in case we all start to breed killer dinosaurs for weaponry.

The film is the perfect action packed summer blockbuster with enough action and scares to get the family through the plot. There was few chomps and blood splatters but nothing too much to scare anyone. There’s hints at love stories and family issues but thankfully that doesn’t mar the dinosaur action too much. It isn’t the best film ever nor is it winning any Oscars, but it is a wholly decent film that’s worth a watch. It should definitely be caught in the cinema to gain the full force of the roars and chase scenes.

I’ll give it a solid:


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