Drones, Muse – Album Review

I have always known the classic Muse songs, the Knights of Cydonia and the Supermassive Blackholes, but never before have I properly sat down and gone through the whole album. Maybe I am a bit biased after hearing most of these songs of the Drones album performed live at Download Festival, but that’s beside the point. Lead singer Matt Bellamy said, in an interview, ” that this album is our best album”, and joked that we can forget about the rest. It seems as though Muse has returned to a more rockier set, potentially tailored for the rockers at Download Festival.

Drones does not escape the politically charged lyrics that we tend to see in Muse songs. Notorious songs such as Uprising always call for us to rise up and revolt against society. In the new album, the ‘Drones’ have the double meaning of the spy planes and the brainwashed members of a larger society. Songs such as ‘Reapers’, ‘The Handler’ and ‘Defector’ all state how we cannot conform to the societal constraints, how the larger society hunts us down to conform. ‘Mercy’ begs us to “show me mercy from the killing machines”, is this society or the drones? We must answer that question ourselves. I know many past albums have their own message but I feel none have been written as cleverly as this. The lyrics hold so much meaning and depth which I love to find in an album.

But the music stands on its own without clever lyrics. The main songs of ‘Dead Inside’ and ‘Pschyo’ are the hard hitters that are both catchy and memorable. I love them. I would agree with Bellamy that it is the best album for them yet, we shouldn’t forget the classics of old, but if you had to spend money on one Muse album it would surely be this one!

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