Hearthstone – Tavern Brawl (Week 1-4) Review

As we reach week 4 of Tavern Brawls, it seems to just be getting better and better! Blizzard has done well this time, and in my mind slightly overshadows the ‘new champions’ which they had the nerve to charge for. It may be some minor miracle that we don’t pay for Tavern Brawl entry, but by some luck we don’t have to pay anything. The challenge itself is a much fresher outlook the Hearthstone play style, as the regular PvP set up is given fun and interesting twists that alters the style of play. It’s almost like one of the games seen in one of the adventures with adjusted rules but against other players, or friends if you want to challenge them. The value of Tavern Brawl games has not been reduced compared to normal or ranked games, as they give us a pack on our first win as well as counting towards daily quest. In the end, it makes the slow plodding through a dominance quest a bit more varied and fun.

There’s been a plethora of new ideas featured in the 4 weeks we’ve had so far. Week 1, was fairly standard as we got to relive the Blackrock baddies for one last time. The Nefarian and Ragnaros specific cards were cool to play with, even if a little bit ridiculous, but the beauty of Tavern Brawl means it can be moved on from and forgotten about soon enough. King Mukla’s bananas were a fun addition as they promoted combos decks as well as giving my Mill Rogue a chance with bananas filling up my opponent’s hand. Week 3’s Webspinners was probably my least favourite week by far, it was a bit slow and drawn out for me. If I wanted a slow game I would Ramp Druid for a run of ranked games. Beast decks are never too inspirational in my opinion, so having a beast-based deck that couldn’t be altered wasn’t great for me.

This week’s ‘summon a minion of the same cost as the spell cast’ is probably the most fun I’ve had. I already have a spells based Mage deck with Flamewakers and spare parts, so this slotted into this game style rather nicely. Starting with The Coin, Mirror Entity and a Mana Wyrm gave me a dream start. It reminded me of the Unstable Portal game on the Mage Class Mode in Blackrock, just with an extremely higher tempo. The randomness and speed made it a lot faster and entertaining than previous weeks, but at the same time maintaining the same-ish mana curve as the big spells and minions always appear later in the game. I have only had a couple of Mage games in this week’s brawl but will be trying all classes between now and Monday before we move onto the next one.

In future brawls, I hope they maintain the faster paced play-style and I’m hoping for more champions to play with from the Blackrock or Naxxramas adventures, with self-altering decks for a bit more of a variety. But we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to see what Blizzard manage to come up with next, until then I have some different classes to be trying out!

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