Skills in Pills, Lindemann – Album Review


So, it’s weird and wacky but what else should we expect? The Rammstein singer’s solo album is a joy for all fans of the band while simultaneously pushing in his own direction. Rammstein fans have been waiting for a taste of their favourite style to return as I fell guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe’s band Emigrate doesn’t quite fit the Rammstein mould as well as this new album does. The majority of songs on Skills in Pills really have a strong Rammstein feel, so this collaboration with Peter Tägtgren is surely not to be missed.

However, the one major shock factor of Lindemann’s album is that the lyrics are now in English and not German. For many English listeners, the German acted as a barrier from the content being sung about. Skills in Pills has no such barrier and the lyrics are plain English and can be very shocking. Nearly every song on the album has some sort of shock factor designed to make us wince, and it works! The biggest shockers coming out in ‘Golden Shower’, which should come with a public health warning. It shouldn’t be played out loud in a public place or anywhere with children. The c-word appears a little too often for my liking. Whilst tracks such as ‘Praise Abort’, ‘Fat’ and ‘Skills in Pills’ may have arguably offensive subject matter, the catchy lyrics and rhythm make them some of the best songs on the album.

However, among the faster tracks there are a few slower ballads in ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Children of the Sun’, which does mix things up a bit. If anything, they are very similar sounding but I’m willing to let that slide this time. I hope others enjoy ‘Yukon’ as much as I did, it seems to be the understated hidden gem within the tracklist that I doubt many will pick up on.

Even if the lyrics aren’t for you, the rhythms and riffs are so catchy and are sure to have you tapping along whilst you block on the lewd lyrics. I think dedicated Rammstein fans will wholly enjoy this album, whilst other fans should proceed with caution. I would say, enter with an open mind, it’ll be worth it.

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