‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 1 Trailer Review

I am so glad that San Diego Comic Con has given us not one, but two Walking Dead trailers. Fear The Walking Dead has been highly anticipated since we have been fed a small snippets and clues over the past few weeks, but now we can have a full trailer to look into. The origin story of the outbreak is finally ready to be told, and I’m hoping that this season can rise to the high standards of the well-established main series. Watch the trailer here.

“When civilisation ends, it ends fast”

The first few seconds of the trailer did put me off a little, if I’m honest. It did just purely remind me of a standard disaster movie trailer with the same family set-up that we are used to seeing. I hope that we don’t remain too long in the clichéd beginnings and that it isn’t too long before the disasters start. They can have as many touching family moments as they like, but it has to be while they are unloading a round into a herd of Walkers before I can be happy. I do like how the threat slowly creeps into the premise, again, it may seem very standard but hopefully AMC can pull it off and take the ideas into a new direction.

In the same course as the main series, I think the inherent threat may not be the Walkers after a while, but the living. The trailer shows many shots of violence and rioting with police attempting to control the crowds. Safety and supplies will surely be fought over in disaster struck Los Angeles, but amplified a whole lot more than it was in the main series. At the epicentre of the panic I think the human aspect will be a highly prevalent aspect of this new series. Although we cannot dismiss the Walkers themselves of course, they will enter the series as an unknown threat which potentially makes the more dangerous that ever. The scene on the mobile phones of the zombie biting a paramedic epitomises the unknown danger that they will provide.

The cast doesn’t look anything special at this moment in time, but maybe they will be our killers of future seasons as you can’t become full Rick Grimes in one day. They seem to have some potential for survival as the trailer shows them in many different locations so I guess they will be sticking around for a while. I strained my eyes to see any familiar faces or locations but no luck so far, would be great to know if anyone else has seen anything.

The release date for this series is August 23rd, so not as long to wait until this season as the big one that is season 6. I can’t wait for both of them, it’s too exciting! I have also reviewed the new Walking Dead Season 6 trailer from Comic Con which can be viewed here.

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