‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Trailer Review


The release of two new Walking Dead trailers confirms my inherent need to go to San Diego Comic Con. I can only envy those that where sat watching the Season 6 trailer for the first time, with the new Fear The Walking Dead Trailer on the way. I have a review of that new trailer here.

But firstly, take a look at the Season 6 trailer here, before I discuss it.

Wow. We’ve nearly been given around 4 minutes of footage and total suspension. There is a lot to be said about the new season which premiers on October 11th in America. The main story curve is seemingly the training of the Alxeandrian to protect themselves and also the new threat of the Wolves. At the start of the season, I think the main discussion point will be the inclusion of Morgan into the Alexandrian community. He will add a strain to the already disastrous power struggle between Rick, Deanna and arguably Michonne. Morgan seems a lot more level-headed since the ‘Clear’ episode in Season 3 and we have been awaiting his arrival every since he was hinted at in post-credit during season 5. The trailer shows Deanna urging the group to trust him as he could provide a new solution to the Walkers and the Wolves group that has been cutting the Ws into Walkers heads as well as luring victims into their shopping depot. Rick may be pushed further into the outside of the group as Morgan gets closer to the centre. That means we are certainly going to have more crazy-eyed blood soaked Rick throughout the season.

“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”

The Walkers seem to be surrounding the haven of Alexandria too and shot of Jessie holding a gun within her own home suggest that the Walkers will be almost certainly be getting through the walls at some point. They seem to be getting creepier. Some of these bodies have been rotting for a while now and it seems they are down to merely skeletons. The scenes through the sewer pipes will definitely have some nasty ones lurking in there. Another big question to ask, is that Maggie being attacked on the ground by a herd of walkers? Surely, they wouldn’t be showing a main character death in the trailer, so I’m counting on Glenn to save the day in that case. It seems as though many of our favourite characters may be in jeopardy in the coming season, there was very limited footage of Michonne within the larger groups for my liking, I am currently paused on 0:51 and I can’t see her. She’s my favourite character, so I’m hoping that it doesn’t mean an end to her this season! Daryl seems to have been captured by the Wolves too, and they don’t seem particularly sane or forgiving, let’s hope they just don’t eat him. One character who can go is Gabriel, after what he said to Sasha in season’s 5 to Sasha he’s public enemy number one for me.

So what can we do until the season begins? Well the Fear The Walking Dead series should fill our time for a while but then we can only speculate about what is come. I think we are going to get a few horrendous deaths, yes, worse than Noah’s, and some of our regular line up isn’t going to make it to the finale of season 6. We are going to get darker and creepier than ever before and I really can’t wait!

Days until Season 6 : 91.

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