Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer Review

The endless stream of trailers and news from Comic Con has now landed us with the latest trailer for Doctor Who Season 9. Peter Capaldi storms back into the TARDIS as the Doctor with Jenna Louise Coleman remaining as companion Clara Oswald and Michelle Gomez as the main villain the ‘Mistress’. The trailer itself really doesn’t do it for me, but that’s probably just because of the general gripes I have with the series at the moment. I am a passionate David Tennant Whovian, and since then it just hasn’t been the same. I am never one to adapt to change in series and Doctor Who has changed so much that it has strayed too far from what I consider to be Doctor Who. I guess since it has been 5 years since Tennant left our screens as the famous Time Lord, so you’d think I’d have moved on but something still isn’t quite right.

I have read many comments online about the quality and content of the writing that goes into the scripts. Where are you, Russell T. Davies? Steven Moffat convoluted and complicated story lines mar the magic of Doctor Who, we too often get lost in all the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey mixture of storylines that work too hard to make sure all is well in the end. I may be older but still become slightly bewildered at some of the plot explanations and how time itself actually works. For new characters nowadays, the threat is becoming lost in a far time vortex rather than being eaten by a werewolf or devoured by a swarm of shadow piranhas. There is no sense of danger or worry as you know the main ensemble will be protected and resurrected at the end of each episode. And I wouldn’t worry about destroying the Daleks, one will escape through the back of the space-time continuum and through a parallel universe to then repopulate and form a new measly threat, soon to extinguished yet again. Just from viewing the first trailer I feel we will easily slip into the same stories of confusing time shifts. Gone are the days when the Slitheen can easily be destroyed by pickles and gherkins.

In terms of casting, I feel that Clara has been a really good assistant but is it time to get someone new on the scene. I thought we would finally be rid of her at the end of last season, but then her current boyfriend turned into a weird cyberman with a face, so she held off leaving the Doctor for a bit longer. It would be good to get someone new on the scene, I have no idea about contract lengths or anything but maybe its time for someone else soon. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams gets a snippet at the end of the trailer, so maybe she will be next in the running, or she will be Clara’s half-sister’s daughter from an alternate universe, who knows. What’s more, I really don’t get this new Master or Mistress I should say. The master is John Simm, end of. I swear he died two or three times as well, so it just looks as though we are scraping the barrel on enemies and the only way of altering the image was to make the Master a female. Not sure on the whole persona that Michelle Gomez is creating, it doesn’t work for me yet but I’ll give it time.

I feel this has just become a small rant about my feelings on Doctor Who, maybe I just need to leave the old series as they were and accept that it’s changed. I will, of course, be watching the first episode on the 19th September, and will give it one or two episodes before I make up my mind. I’m not feeling too hopeful, but hopefully, Moffat and BBC can prove me wrong.

You can view the trailer and make up your own mind here.

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