Dawn of Justice: Batman vs Superman (2016) Trailer Review

Another big hitter released at Comic Con here, the highly anticipated clash between two of the most famous superheroes is due to hit screens in March next year. Here is the trailer for the film. I think it’s fair to say that this film has to do a lot to impress its fan base. After the tragedy that was Man of Steel, Henry Caville’s Superman has a lot more to do than smashing into building upon building in a different American city. Also, it is Ben Affleck’s first run as the Dark Knight himself, and with a full new suit things are sure to be a whole lot different from when Christian Bale was running the show. Fair to say that Mr Affleck has a lot to live up to both as the hero and as the billionaire Bruce Wayne.

In the wake of Marvel’s numerous successes and blockbusters, it is really time that DC stepped up its game a bit. It’s been 3 years since The Dark Knight Rises and we need a bit of Batman action to keep up with the Iron Mans and Captain Americas. The trailer does look fairly impressive with the action, explosions and CGI which should keep us going I just hope that we don’t descend into Man of Steel here, with limited premise and plot direction. The idea of heroes clashing is always an interesting one, just like Captain America Civil War will be. I just hope that the plot behind it is strong enough, else you could easily argue that the two vigilantes could just as easily team up. Although Superman did knock Wayne Tower down by the looks of it, so that’s reason enough to start a full vendetta against him.  As a novice comic book reader I always thought this fight would be a slam dunk Superman win, but it must be a slighter fairer fight if they are bothering to make a movie out of it. Batman definitely needs to be stronger than he was in the Christian Bale era as he is now fighting a super strong alien rather than terrorists and madmen. Really hoping they can pull it off well.

There seems to be a lot of excitement about the first look at Wonder Woman in a trailer, and I was a bit under whelmed to Gal Gadot’s new character, to say the least. It may as well have been a replica of Sif from the Thor franchise. You’d have thought with Batman getting a full suit upgrade, that Wonder Woman would be running around with more than just a shield, a sword and a revealing piece of armour. I don’t think she’d last long in a fight with Batman or Superman, but maybe she will be spared those scenes, in this film anyway. Another big character reveal is Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. The wig looks weird, just saying. I think he will pull off the madman persona quite well and will more of a evil mastermind figure in this film rather than the main antagonist. I suspect his actions will simply be a mass build up of suspense in time for another film where he will become the central villain, with the Kryptonite to stop Superman. It may happen in this film for all I know, but I reckon the focus has to be on the Superman and Batman conflict, as it is, after all, the title of the film.

So, there is certainly plenty to digest now and plenty to look forward to. My general verdict would be that is it certainly one to watch, especially while its in the cinema. It heralds the start of the Justice League film franchise which means we can get closer to seeing Jason Momoa rise up as Aquaman. I hope the fact that it’s not Christian Bale doesn’t plague the plot too much, as we don’t want the ‘another new Spiderman’ feeling all over again. But it’s definitely one for the watch list, and will hopefully be one of the best films of 2016.

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