Ted 2 (2015) – Film Review

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I really wanted to enjoy it. After loving the first film so much, it had to be as good if not better, but it fell miles short of any of my expectations. I always find comedies struggle with sequels and I was kinda disappointed that they felt there was a need to make another one. Seth MacFarlane has obviously tried to step the plot up as Ted fights for his civil rights after he is deemed property and not a human being. He teams up with his good friend, John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) and his new lawyer Sam Jackson (Amanda Seyfried). They fall through a calamity of events including sperm banks to court rooms to New York Comic Con. They wanted it to be clever and smarter than the first film but it lost its way getting there. Mila Kunis didn’t appear in this sequel, I think she jumped off a sinking ship, it shows the lack of faith we should have in the sequel when not all the actors sign up to re-appear.

To mention some positives, there were a few good laughs but they were few and far between. Some moments and one-liners  were obviously meant to be funny, but they didn’t seem to quite hit the mark. Most jokes roused a murmur of laughter in a pretty full cinema audience. There were a few recurring jokes that were well appreciated and the fact that it could be Peter Griffin’s voice makes most things vaguely amusing anyway. However, too much comedy was reliant on drugs and weed, and there is only so much footage of Mark Wahlberg pretending to be high that I can bear (excuse the pun!). For me drugs aren’t funny and it was bad enough in the first one, but it plagued nearly every scene in Ted 2, unfortunately.

Seth MacFarlane is well known for his musical background and made that pretty clear throughout, with a classy soundtrack. As much as I appreciated it, it was overdone to the extreme. The opening title sequence went on for way too long and Amanda Seyfried bursting into song in a field of marijuana just got too much. It was a bit boring and got awkward really quickly. MacFarlane can indulge in his music taste as much as he likes, but it starts to feel like a Conway Twitty sketch from Family Guy, except in the film they are trying to be serious, which makes it all a bit awkward. Seth obviously has some famous friends to show off too with Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Tom Brady all making appearances for a couple of minutes or so. There was so much potential with all the famous faces but they felt wasted and didn’t really contribute anything to the film. I should also mention that there is an abundance of American TV show stars that appear and there inclusion was a bit lost on me, but obviously if you are familiar with them it may mean something to you, but I missed the references

Overall, I was disappointed. I wouldn’t waste money going to the cinema to see it to be honest, save that for Ant-Man! I would wait for it to be out the cinemas, but nonetheless give it a watch, it could be the film for you.

I feel like I’m betraying a Thunder Buddy:


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