Tahm Kench – League of Legends Champion Review

I finally got my hands on League of Legends’ new champion, Tahm Kench, The River King. I am no pro at League, having only reached the heights of Bronze 2 so far this season, but I hope to give a good enough analysis of Tahm’s kit and gameplay despite only being able to play him in lower ELOs. The River King is basically a tank support with an awesome W that devours allies, enemies or minions/monsters. I’m someone who plays support a lot, as it gets me through Team Builder in the quickest amount of time! I am a firm believer that tankier supports are always the strongest, they are better at shielding the AD carry as well as having a lot of CC for a full team fight. I am well versed in Leona, Thresh and Blitzcrank as they can all take a whole lot of damage. Tahm is a seriously tanky customer, with an E that adds a humongous shield, even more so in the late game. His health along with a powerful set of abilities will make him a huge threat in the bot lane, as well as anywhere else he gets placed in the map.

Let’s quickly have a run down of all his abilities. His passive, Acquired Taste apply stacks to enemy champions, which can be done three times. Upon the third time, a big red fish appears next to the desired champion and that means Tahm’s Q and W can now do a different action when cast on this champion.  His Q is Tongue Lash, a skill shot that damages and slows enemy champions. When acquired taste has three stacks, the Q stuns the champion, meaning Tahm can catch up to the fleeing enemy, or run further away. I will do Tahm’s E and R before moving onto the almighty W. Tahm’s E is Thick Skin, which passively stores damage that he takes as grey health, which he can use to slowly heal himself back up. When E is activated the grey health becomes a shield that slowly decays. This ability gives Tahm some sustain in lane whilst having a massive shield to avoid even more damage. His R is Abyssal Voyage that increase the damage of Tahm’s abilities as well as giving him the ability to transport himself plus one other champion to a nearby destination. His most impressive and unique ability has to be the W: Devour. He can eat allied champions at will and protect them from damage whilst walking them to safety and spitting them back out. He can eat minions/monster and regurgitate them to be used a projectiles that deal aoe damage when landing. But importantly, with 3 stacks of acquired taste, Tahm can eat an enemy champion and spitting them out to deal insane damage. The damage is based on percentage health so tanks can be melted inside a full AP Tahm Kench.

His kit leads to an insane amount of team fight potential. We always say about tanks shutting down the carries whilst protecting their own, but this tank can physically remove them from the battle field, as they become untargetable in his belly. The devour of an allied champion can remove any effects of them, so you could save an ally from a Thresh hook or Malzahar ultimate. But if the enemy tanks are down, he can chase down the carries applying acquired taste to stun and then devour making easy work of them. He isn’t like a standard Leona or Thresh where it is all about hitting that one good skillshot, applying his stacks in the same way as Braum does is harder, but the results give so much more. He can deal so easily with dangerous enemies its ridiculous. In my last game, he was 1v1 Fioras for fun, which is more than you can ask for a support. He has so much utility he could easily be played in top or the jungle, which is where I plan to take him next.

There are some fantastic combos that I want to try out soon. I’ve seen a few videos of a Tahm W and Kalista Ult combo which can be used to drag enemies under tower and then spit them out to stun them, it’ll take practice but I’m sure that one will be worth it. Whilst Tahm has an ally in his mouth his movement speed increases towards enemy champions, meaning he could pick up his jungler from the river bush and charge into the bot lane, hopefully leading to some kills and some surprise ganks! There is so much potential in this champion and its one of the best they have recently released as it completely suits my gameplay. I think I will be binge playing him for a while so I can take him into ranked and start climbing that ladder!

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