The Road To Woodbury by Kirkman/Bonansinga – Book Review


Absolutely loved the second instalment of Kirkman and Bonansinga’s Walking Dead novels, The Road To Woodbury. It felt like when I used to get the newest edition of the Harry Potter series. I sat there and read it within a matter of hours. Kirkman’s input still makes it feel a great part of the larger Walking Dead universe, during the book we are transported in the same world. It feels like an episode, and one does not pause or put down an episode, it must be done in its entirety, well, that’s my logic anyway. If you enjoyed the first book, you will certainly enjoy the second, it continues the theme and intrigue that is so gripping. We meet Lilly Caul, a notorious character from the comic books and discover her story on the way to Woodbury. She and her group of Josh, Bob, Megan and Scott must fight through the wilderness to reach Woodbury, where the Governor’s tyrannical reign has already begun.

The one aspect that we all love about the Walking Dead is the gruesome gore and Walkers. The attacks and deaths have become more graphic which is awesome as they could be happening before our eyes. No one is spared, it is as bad as the series as anyone can be torn apart by a herd of walkers. Lily’s story seems a whole lot grittier than the first book, we see more violence between humans, more sex, more drugs and more brutality. It definitely wants to harness the message that humans are the bigger threat than the walkers. The Governor is getting bigger and better as the book moves on, which we absolutely love, and although he is the bad guy we want him to get even worse. There are plenty of Governor story lines to pick up on, Penny and Martinez are still knocking around, with plenty of relatable moments of the series to look out for. A true pleasure to read as a Walking Dead fan.

My only problem with it is the same as with the first. The use of characters from this book in Season 4 of the TV series. These books were apparently written between Season 3 and Season 4, so some of the successful characters such as an alcoholic named Bob and Lily herself make it into the series. For me, it only means that the characters I see in the books aren’t quite right, they should be as they are in the series. Although how they managed to transfer the name Megan from a stoner who sleeps with anyone to Lily’s daughter is pretty much beyond me. A tiny qualm, as usual, I promise not to mention it in the review of the next book, I only wish I’d read these earlier, or that there just wasn’t such an obvious link between them.

Overall, another fantastic book that keeps the Kirkman world of zombies alive. Despite other characters being different from how I envision them, the Governor remains true (except for the handlebar moustache). He is evidently the main antagonist that we want him to be, and his growth is well documented here. This series is definitely an essential for all Walking Dead fans out there, so if you haven’t yet then give it a go!

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