Let Them Fight! League of Legends vs. Heroes of the Storm – Round 1


Considering League of Legends and Hearthstone are the only two basically the only game that I play, Heroes of the Storm seemed like a natural progression as something new try. Blizzard’s new MOBA promises to be better than the rest, as it unites heroes from World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo to fight in the Nexus. There are many similarities between HOTS and League of Legends, RIOT Games’ well established game, played by millions worldwide. After trying both, and giving HOTS a fair attempt, I will be giving a fair match-up of these two games. It’s a best of 5 match, the first round being how well players slot into the gameplay experience.

1. First Experiences

As with any game, it is always hard to get into the swing of things, especially when there are so many good players expecting you to be a pro. When I first started playing League it was mainly because of friends, and I was lucky that they kinda pushed me through the basics, despite constant mockery for any bad mistakes (using Pantheon’s ultimate to destroy a tower was a low point). From trying to get my girlfriend into League, I began to realise how badly the tutorial and early levels prepare you for the game itself. The game itself is all about slow progression and farming up your character, which in early levels of play, is really difficult when you have no runes or masteries. It is hard to decide what items to buy, what to level up and what decisions to make. I mean, how do you even start to explain the new jungling methods to someone who has never played the game before? It is very complicated to get into, once you are well versed in gameplay, it becomes second-nature, as with any game, but League’s curve seems to take a lot longer than many others.

On the other hand, Heroes of the Storm felt so much more approachable. The tutorial was so much clearer and helpful, it seems as though you are dropped into gameplay without much need for practice or games against bots. Without many explanations needed for items or abilities, you could easily just sit down and play. Admittedly, with my League experience it may have been easier to pick up the game. but the controls and interactions felt so much easier to use. With Uther to guide through the basics I feel the same level in HOTS as I was at reaching rank 20 at League, which says a lot. Due to its simplicity, I feel Heroes of the Storm will easily hold onto more new players. Blizzard also has the advantage of bringing characters in from three other games, as this new MOBA gives players a chance to try their favourite characters in a new arena.

Verdict: Although League is completely worth it when you get there, it can really take a long time to get to an enjoyable level. Heroes of the Storm is certainly more accessible and enjoyable early on, which works to its advantage. After round one, my loyalty to League has been scarpered as general experience for early players goes to Heroes of the Storm!

Heroes of the Storm: 1       League of Legends: 0

This is only my opinion, it would be great to hear others! Any likes will be appreciated and make sure you follow to see future instalments of Let Them Fight!

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