Day of the Dead, Hollywood Undead – Album Review


Hollywood Undead’s Day of the Dead Album Cover

I haven’t reviewed an album for a while so thought I would blog about about that I have only discovered this year and have instantly become addicted to. I was lucky enough to go to Download Festival this year in Donington, and whilst doing some prep I kind of stumbled upon Hollywood Undead. Upon further investigation, I remember a friend from school singing the start of “Everywhere I Go” relentlessly, which kind of pushed me into looking at the rest of what this band has to offer. From the outset, I wouldn’t consider a ‘rap and rock’ band to be for me. Yet most of their songs seemingly win you over, the rap molds into the various guitar riffs and the drumming was just fantastic. Two very different genres, I imagine a band arguing on which way to push their genre and ending up sitting on the fence thinking, let’s do both!

Hollywood Undead’s 2015 album Day of the Dead epitomises everything they are about. The band’s fourth studio album can go from rocking tracks like “Usual Suspects” to electronic hip-hop tracks such as “War Child”. There’s is so much variety on one album that only Hollywood Undead could make work. I love how all the songs are slightly cheeky and humorous, they is one crudely bent rhyme or lyric that makes the songs slightly more endearing:

“I’m feeling sexy, I’m like ‘oooh'” and “tick-a-ti-tick-tock, the click of wrist watch” are clear examples!

They are by no means the polished and perfect band, but that makes them even more so likeable. The delivery of the songs is done well too as the mish-mash of voices add its own dynamic to the group’s sound. It was refreshing not to have the usual band set-up and it seemed anyone could take up the vocal or guitar if needed. This really came to light at Download Festival, where members would drop the mic and then move straight onto the next guitar solo. I admire their versatility and talent, it really shone true when seeing them perform live.

I really want to compare them to a group, in order to show what their sound is similar to. But, honestly, I don’t know anything like them. If anyone knows of similar sounding bands, please let me know, because I want to hear them! I think it is rare that an album can slot into more than one genre. I would recommend this to rap fans and rock fans alike, it just works! I read a review on Kerrang! saying that Hollywood Undead’s performance at Download was a complete flop. Were we watching the same thing? Their songs had the whole crowd going, even more electronic based tracks received a warm reception. I truly believe this album deserves a rock reception, it’s a pleasant surprise and a fun album.

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