Marvel, How Do You Do It?: ‘Ant-Man’ Film Review


Ant-Man (2015). Dir. Peyton Reed

My blog so far has been devoid of any Marvel, which is odd considering I am a kind of fanatic. I now know that I was simply waiting for Marvel’s new summer blockbuster Ant-Man! Marvel truly had to work their magic this time, no-one else would be able to pull off a film where the protagonist shrinks to the size of an ant, whilst commanding an ant army to do his bidding. It really shouldn’t work, it should be a flop but somehow Marvel did it. They made themselves another classic whilst bringing one of the classic comic book Avengers to the big screen.


Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man

 Ant-Man introduces us to Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a thief (or should I say burglar) straight out of prison and dabbling in heists and robberies. With everything taken from him, all he wants is to be there for his daughter. Scott becomes acquainted with scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) who is the creator of the Pym Particle that allows an organic being to drastically change size without altering the integrity of the particles that are being reduced or expanded. This technology along with a suit creates the Ant-Man.

Hank has kept the technology a secret as he understands it’s true power and how dangerous it can become as a weapon. Hank along with his daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly) are trying to thwart Hank’s ex-assistant Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) from discovering the same technology before he creates a highly dangerous weapon. The father and daughter team utilise Hank’s suit and Scott’s knowledge of heists to infiltrate Darren’s facility and destroy the research before it’s too late.


Hank Pym desperately wants to protect his technology from Cross Industries

Marvel haven’t really had a debut hero film for a while now, as we are well into sequels and trilogies of the other main Avengers characters. The film remained true to the Marvel etiquette whilst making us something quite unlike the rest of the films we have seen over the past few years. Rather than a film filled with fighting hordes of bad guys, we have a film aimed towards infiltration and being undercover. Although I don’t feel as though it lacked good fight scenes. A short appearance from the Falcon himself (Anthony Mackie) confirms there is some Avengers approved action included. It’s so well done considering the radically different superhero powers we are used to.

What’s more, with the casting of Paul Rudd as the Ant-Man we had to expect a more comedic approach to this hero. I think they would have been falling into Green Lantern territory if they had taken themselves too seriously with a miniature man riding an ant called Anthony (it’ll become clear when you watch it). There were plenty of one-liners, plenty more than what we have already seen in the trailers. There’s plenty of chuckles and laugh-out-loud moments throughout, a film that everyone in the family should find funny.


Evangeline Lilly is Hope Van Dyne

The whole concept was ridiculous beyond belief but by some minor miracle, Marvel did it so well. Can Marvel do any wrong? They made a talking tree and a racoon work and now this? They certainly have a lot to give which makes the arrival of Marvel’s phase 3 films even more exciting. I think the humour in Ant-Man shows so much potential for the highly anticipated Deadpool film, soon to be released next year.

Recent speculation has confirmed that Ant-Man will be back for the next Captain America film next year, as post-credit scenes certainly allude to. With mentions of Shield, Stark and Spiderman in the film, we are certainly beginning a new era of Marvel that we can all really look forward to. Marvel evidently hasn’t lost it’s touch with the creation of new heroes, which is promising with Spiderman, Dr Strange and Black Panther waiting for us round the corner.

Another Marvel classic that has to be seen sooner rather than later, it gets full marks from me:


3 responses to “Marvel, How Do You Do It?: ‘Ant-Man’ Film Review

  1. Completely agree! A lot of people are putting this movie off simply for the concept of it, but I never have. Watching it made my perspective even better! Marvel did something different, and this year’s risky film has paid off!


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