Let Them Fight! League of Legends vs. Heroes of the Storm – Round 2


In my first piece on this comparison, it was decided that Heroes of the Storm was the best game for new players. See that review here. In this post I will be looking at the team play that is involved with both games. The main mode of game in League is a 5v5 which is the same as the basic mode in Heroes of the Storm.

The champion selection screen in HOTS. A lot easier and no interaction with teammates pre-game.

The champion selection screen in HOTS. A lot easier and no interaction with teammates pre-game.

In League of Legends, the team composition is determined by the players who in champion select can decide who takes which role in the game. The possibilities are endless but the generally team composition is decided as one top, one mid, two bot and one roamer in the jungle, however this has rely on the team to fill all these roles and freedom of selection can lead to players picking random champions that don’t necessarily fit the team composition. However, in casual Heroes of the Storm games, you pick your champion and then are placed into a suitable team. This bypasses a lot of time as the champion select in League can be interrupted by people leaving the lobby, not accepting etc. As a player we have limited chance to pick our team mates anyway, so Heroes of the Storm removes any form of hassle throughout player selection. There is more focus on getting us straight into the game, which can potentially take a long time in League. A large tick in the box for Heroes of the Storm on this one.

League's Champion Select throws you straight into communication with your teammates.

League’s Champion Select throws you straight into communication with your teammates.

A key difference that Heroes of the Storm gameplay is the experience is for the team and not individual players. Each minion kill, building destroyed or mercenary camp beaten is shared amongst the team. Therefore, levelling up happens as a team, it is integral to work together to achieve the same goal. There isn’t much use in solo play as you will be eventually be hunted by a more organised and cohesive team. In League, team fights are integral, but a fully-fed and snowballing player can have a huge impact on the game outcome. A level playing field in Heroes of the Storm has its positive and negatives on gameplay. It solidifies the advantage to have all players at the same level which can leave no-one behind. It makes it easier to gain momentum over another team. However, with a player that refuses to cooperate that can greatly inhibit the level of the whole team. In League, a ‘bad’ player can be carried if needed and although it makes the game harder it is possible. It’s a hard balancing act, HOTS has tried to straighten the problem out but that means that the balance will tip completely in one direction at the other. League balance is completely off in comparison, a good team makes games easier to win, but the possibility of solo play is sometimes viable. The dependence on other players and the balance is a hard one to call and both games have attempted a slightly different approach. I’m not a 100% which is the best way to go, but if anyone has further opinions, then let me know!

So to conclude, Heroes of the Storm gets the point for the champion selection but I’m on the fence with the team gameplay so I’ll give one point each. The current score is:

Heroes of the Storm: 3      League of Legends: 1

I will be putting up my next instalment over the next few days so stay tuned for the next round!

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