Hearthstone – Tavern Brawl (Week 5-8) Review

hearthstone1We are now nearly two months into Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawls. A game mode on the well-known card that has a new set of rules each week for players to try. The mode remains active for a few days and then the Tavern closes in preparation for the next new idea. In my last post, I was quite excited and optimistic about future for Tavern Brawl but unfortunately I think, there has been a bit of a decline in the quality of new ideas. I have become less and less interested in playing Tavern Brawl and am merely using it as a quick pack and then back to normal and ranked games.

Tavern BrawlsThe one big problem I have had with the various Tavern Brawls is the balance of the games. In the most recent ‘Masked Brawl’ and ‘Too Many Portals’ have seemed very unbalanced, the game seems mostly decided in the first few rounds. There are simply not enough spells in the decks. One lucky portal or a sticky early minion means a certain win in these games. There seems to be no middle ground in games and they are either heavily won or heavily lost. I love winning, but it would be a lot better if they ran a little bit closer between games. Especially with week 6’s ‘Heart of the Sunwell’ where as long as you managed to Mulligan a giant or large dragon, you were pretty set for the win. I think the problem here lies with the dependence on messing with minions. I loved the week 4 Tavern Brawl the best simply because the spells were given so much value. It meant you could clear enemy minions whilst gaining one for yourself. I gave so much tempo. The last two weeks have involved summoning a minion, perhaps at a lower cost and then ending turn. The speed just seems so clunky and slow, not my idea of a fun brawl after a few slow-moving ranked games.

One aspect I mostly enjoy on the brawl is the ones where the deck is already predetermined. It’s just quick and easy, and if you argue that this limits variation, there are 9 classes to pick from so that really shouldn’t be a problem. This is why ‘Encounter at the Crossroads’ has been my favourite over the past weeks. The decks were random enough, doubling up on legendaries and rarely used cards which made it different and fun. There was no way of predicting what was coming next, which I really liked. There wasn’t too much messing with the rules, all you needed was a few too many cards with orange gems to make the round more interesting. I think they tried incorporate a few highly unplayed cards with a few class specific legendaries that are often left unseen like Bolvar Fordragon and Edwin VanCleef. There seemed to be plenty of pirates knocking around too! It was probably an attempt by Blizzard to just remind us that some of these cards exist as many of them rarely see ranked play nowadays.

So, a varying month of unimpressive Tavern Brawls in my opinion. My update didn’t kick in straight away on week 7 so I nearly thought we had another week of Ragnaros vs Nefarian but it did work eventually, so Blizzard was spared my complaint about repeating a week so early. I’m not sure how long it’s gonna take before they start repeating, but let’s hope the good weeks are the only ones to get a second run. I’m still sticking to my suggestion of more Blackrock and Naxxramas enemies joining the brawl, at least in those you get a whole new deck of cards to play with. However, over the next few weeks the attention is going to be lifted off the Tavern Brawls and onto the new Grand Tournament expansion. I’m quite excited to see all the new cards, and the ones we have seen so far seem promising. I’m biding my time and waiting for all cards to be revealed before I post about it, you can be sure to hear from me then!

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