The Fall of the Governor: Part One by Kirkman/Bonansinga – Book Review

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Easily the best book of this mini-series by far! The most brutal, violent and entertaining episode of Kirkman and Bonansinga’s Governor books so far. This instalment sees the appearance of three of our favourite TV characters Rick, Glenn and Michonne! Their introduction leads to more dramatic moments, more badassery and a set of characters we can really vouch for. Some parts of this book run very closely alongside the comics, so any readers out there would surely enjoy the literary bringing-to-life of some the comics most famous scenes.

The start of the novel thrusts us straight back into Woodbury, where Lilly Caul endures the reign of the Governor. The fighting pits are more popular than ever so prepare for a lot of scraps between human and zombies in the pits.  Lilly, Stevens, Alice and Martinez seem to have been forgiven for their attempt at an uprising but all of them toe a thin line as the Governor is certainly one to hold a grudge. The walls around Woodbury are getting higher, but is this to keep the walkers out, or to keep the people in? Lilly falls for the young Austin Ballard, a naive Woodbury citizen who is in need of some training against fighting the walkers. However, the real havoc ensues when our notorious trio infiltrates Woodbury and are then captured by the Governor. They endure torture and pain under the control of the Governor, which stirs up the exact feelings we had when David Morrissey ruled our screens. The madness slowly escalates as the book builds and builds until its grand finale in The Fall of the Governor: Part Two.

For those of you who know the Michonne/Governor storyline from the comic books, you should know that it is well and truly documented in this book! Every grim detail is discussed and nothing is spared in their encounter. After the Governor’s repetitive torture of Michonne, his fate seems deserved and the largest form of justice we have seen so far. I would have never thought justice would be served by nailing a man’s penis to the floor, but in this case, it really does work! I felt that this book more than other show the true barbaric nature of humanity. The catchphrase “fight the dead, fear the living” has its most precedence here. We can fear walkers, but the true danger is the sociopaths that still roam around the world. The constant spilling of cerebral fluid and spattering of blood can be disgusting, but the true horrors seem to be what happens to each other, the extent of human cruelty leads to more shocking descriptions and passages. It’s an eye-opening read, but not one for any Walking Dead fan to miss.

In my past reviews, I’ve complained about the use of characters in the books that do appear in the TV series at a later time. It truly hurts to eat my words, but I was so wrong about it. Adding Rick, Michonne and Glenn into the fray meant the characters had depth already. It meant that the books and the TV show supplemented each other, rather than ruined each other which I may have said it earlier reviews.

Overall a must read, this third book out of four truly solidifies this series’ place within the Walking Dead universe. There are blood and guts throughout and plenty of tense actions and scenes that’ll make you pour through the pages. Reading these is whetting my appetite for new series that are just appearing on the horizon. I really cannot wait to get more of a Walking Dead fix, the sooner the better! I hope you enjoyed my review!

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