Let Them Fight! League of Legends vs. Heroes of the Storm – Round 3


in the third instalment of this comparison between League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, I will be looking at general champions and items. Heroes of the Storm have a deep collection of any Blizzard characters to pick from when making a champion whilst League’s basic lore can sprout up new character ideas wherever they please. League has accumulated a total of 126 champions to play, whilst HOTS has a mere 39 to play at the moment. Obviously, League has time behind it as it has been a lot longer, I wouldn’t be surprised if HOTS had 126 or more when it reaches the same age as League. I think the games are pretty equal with speed of new character release, with a steady flow of new additions every few months. With more champions become more variety with no two games having the same champions. So League has time on it’s side here with a larger plethora of champions to choose from.

There isn’t many differences between how we interact with our champions. Each have the standard auto-attack and then the four QWER abilities, each ability unique to it’s own champion (although some can be very similar). I don’t suppose it was possible to have it any other way when making HOTS, League’s set-up really works so HOTS had to have the same layout in order to it to work. This is probably why the transfer over to HOTS was so easy, and lends itself to the simplicity aspect of HOTS that really appeals. However, some differences are apparent in how we interact with our champions. League of course has the two summoner spells you can choose from. We commonly see; flash, ignite, ghost, heal, teleport and smite, dependent on the champion’s role within each game. With some traits on Heroes of the Storm being similar to flash and heals there is some aspect of the summoner spells, but nothing as close. Again, they’ve gone for simplicity rather than complication, to potentially attract new gamers.

As well as both sets of champions being able to upgrade their abilities. League encourages us to power up certain abilities by putting points in them to make them do more damage or a lower cooldown etc. HOTS has a slightly varied take on this, making possible to decide whether our Q stuns for longer, has a lower cool down on hitting champions or potentially heals allies at the same time. The HOTS upgrade means you can adapt your champion to more situations that you think will help the team. If you are losing fights then maybe you need your stun to affect more enemy champions rather than solely doing damage to one. It’s very subtle changes in a champions’ set up but ones that may have a large effect on the game. I’m not saying that levelling up an ability in League is meaningless, as maxing an ability can win you the game, but it only upgrades the stats of an ability rather than altering its effects on enemy champions.

The final big difference with our champions is the items aspects. League has it’s own little shop that we can use to buy items and increase our stats, whether that be health, ability power or attack speed. Some items have unique passives to consider too. Again, the key word is variety, there are so many possible builds as well as the standard META, and there are constantly people trying new things. HOTS has no items, which does champions ability to become situational, but are the traits and leveling up enough?

To conclude, I think it’s clear that League has a lot more to offer in how we deal with our champions. There is so many options on how we can develop our champions to adapt to our game that it’s different every time. I think it does have time on it’s side with plenty of years of development it is sure to have more to offer. I’ll draw the same previous conclusions on HOTS as it’s intentions are to be simple, else no one would play it straight away. This links into my previous post on early game play and how complex it is to enter League. League takes 2 points for variety and it’s items whilst HOTS takes a 1 for simplicity.

Heroes of the Storm: 4         League of Legends: 3

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