Trainwreck (2015) – Film Review

TrainwreckI always worry about seeing new comedies in the cinema, there’s always a bit of a hit or miss risk which you worry about, especially after forking out for an expensive ticket. At least with an action film you can be wowed by some effects even if it is Transformers 3, but comedies are laid pretty bare in the cinema, laugh or go home disappointed. I’m pleased to say that Trainwreck did not disappoint, it was clever comedy that was wasn’t silly or outrageous. The everyday life aspect made it very real, and the acting seemed to be an important aspect for once, as the characters were kind of believable, a rare feat in comedies nowadays.

Writer and lead actress Amy Schumer plays Amy, a promiscuous journalist scared of settling down with one man. After her parents divorce she lives to her Dad’s (Colin Quinn) motto: “monogamy isn’t realistic”. She smokes, she drinks, she sleeps around, goes to work and moans about her sister’s (Brie Larson) married life. Amy is stumped after meeting Dr Aaron Connors (Bill Hader), an actual nice guy who likes her for who she is. It is beyond her comprehension to find a good guy, who is actually pretty clever, to like her, especially after previous exploit Steve, played fantastically by John Cena. The comedy mainly comes from Amy’s quips and thoughts, in a Bridget Jones fashion. Amy is very funny and strives to be more than the ditsy and dumb heroines we normally get out of a romantic comedy. Schumer must have a lot of sporting friends, as the cast is littered with American sports stars due to Aaron being a sports doctor to the stars. Expect appearances from LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire and Chris Evert, to name a few, who all adopted roles that did fit well into the plot and didn’t stick out too much as some Brit sports stars may have done.

The rate of laughs was pretty consistent and each joke or mishap felt kind of fresh which always good in a film. The majority of ensemble was pretty funny to so we weren’t relying on one character to be funny. The one exception to the rule had to be Tilda Swinton, she obviously tried something different. The persona and the accent was a rare addition for her, and it really didn’t work for me. Her lines were the only jokes to fall flat on their faces, only raising a few odd ‘ha’s from the cinema. A shame to have a flaw it was a pretty comical and well-written piece.

Overall, a highly enjoyable film. A great level of comedy, not for the kids I might add, but plenty of good one-liners and observations to laugh at. Schumer’s ability as a comedienne and as a writer should be praised for this, her first of many films to come I’m sure.

Quite a high rating for a comedy:


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