Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Mage Overview

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Mage Card Review
The first post had to be on my favourite class (for now anyway), Mage. The recent addition of Flamewakers through the Blackrock Expansion has made tempo mage a very feasible deck, and has helped me through a number of dominance quests! The new expansion has some cards that allow Jaina a lot of flexibility with her hero power. The deal one damage for 2 mana is a strong power due to its ability to attack enemy champions or heroes. With cards such as Fallen Hero and Coldarra Drake, the mage class can now use this damage to greater effect, and with Justicar Trueheart there is the permanent upgrade of 2 damage from the hero power, which I think will be very strong.

Spell Combo

Mage has been gifted with a few more spells that are both offensive and defensive. EffigyArcane Blast and Polymorph: Boar are all very strong additions to an already powerful spell kit. Effigy providing the effect of a minion with a ‘resummoning’ deathrattle, except the price of the new minion being equivalent to what has just died. This means when your Dr. Boom gets Big Game Hunter-ed, you could have a War Golem or Ravenholdt Assassin to replace it, which will require more clearing. Arcane Blast a cheap 1 mana spell that doubles the two damage with spell damage. A quick bit of damage, it will work so well in my Flamewaker deck!

I think the most powerful spell to come from the expansion is the Polymorph: Boar. It can be an upgrade for any of your Mirror Images summoned from Mirror Entity to create a more aggro deck or it can be used as more defensive spell. It could reduce a Ragnaros into a 4/2 which is a whole lot easier to kill with a spell, an Arcane Blast being a suitable example.

I thought as my opinion isn’t the only right one I’d ask some friends who play Hearthstone for some advice on what they thought was the best and worst from each class. Here are their results for Mage:


Emma’s Best Mage Card: Effigy – when played with the right minions on the board, it has the potential to re-summon a giant or dragon for only a 3 mana cost. Of course, it all goes wrong when they kill Dr Boom’s Boom Bots instead of the man himself but it’s a good secret to have.

Emma’s Worst Mage Card: Spell Slinger – I just don’t like giving cards or spells to the other player. The stats aren’t good enough to risk giving away a Pyroblast, for example.

James’s Best Mage Card: Polymorph: Boar – it can be used offensively and defensively and easily combo’d with other Mage spells to remove large. 3 mana is a great cost for a transform that silences and destroys an enemy minion. It can also create a more effective Arcane Golem that won’t give the extra mana crystal.

James’s Worst Mage Card: Flame Lance – really weak when compared to a Rogue Assassinate which is a lot more powerful for the cost. Mage has enough clears anyway without another spell that isn’t really needed.

Next up, I will be uploading the Druid cards, so keep up to date for that upcoming post. Please like and comment, it would be great to discuss some of these cards and hear other people’s best/worst cards from each class!

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