Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Full Card Review

The Grand Header

After a lot of hype and anticipation, the latest expansion of Hearthstone cards have all been revealed. The Grand Tournament is Blizzard’s second card expansion and is set to bring a whopping 132 new cards for us to play with. Heralded as the competition that calls knights and heroes from far and wide to come and fight for glory, The Grand Tournament certain to bring us a lot of variety in this new set of cards. From Pirates riding parrots to Murlocs riding frogs, there are plenty of shapes and sizes at this new event. Here’s the trailer that Blizzard released in July for the newest expansion.

As a big Hearthstone fan, I would love to discuss as many cards as possible, although reviewing 132 doesn’t seem like a realistic number to cover. Therefore, I am planning to make a few shorter blog posts and look into a few class specific cards that may have a large effect on our gameplay, and maybe moan about a few that really don’t hit the mark! Although to cover more cards, I’ve asked a couple of friends to pick out their own favourites so we can get a bit more variety other than my favourites and least favourites, in order to cover many cards as possible but without boring anyone to death with 132 separate opinions.


The main new game mechanic that the Grand Tournament brings is the ‘Inspire’ ability. The text on some of the cards can now be activated by using the Hero Power. This gives players a high temptation to leave the 2 mana spare at the end of the turn to activate cards, giving a whole new dimension to using the Hero Power. It can be good, as some of the card’s Inspire function can be quite powerful, although, except for cases where the Hero Power is made cheaper, it does boil down to the fact that it will take 2 mana to activate the card’s text. With some of the Inspire actions, the 2 mana cost isn’t really worth it and it can sometimes be difficult to decide when it is best to activate the effect.

Upgraded Hero Powers

Upgraded Hero Powers

Another novel feature is the upgraded hero powers that can be activated by the new neutral legendary, Justicar Trueheart. A 6 mana cost for a 6/3 minion, her battlecry upgrades your hero power without adjusting mana costs. There are some really powerful power-ups here, the Warrior’s tank up for 4 armour sounds perfect for any control deck. Although 3 damage to the face will make those Face Hunter decks all the more aggressive, if they can bother to put in a card that doesn’t have charge. I think she will become a must-have in many decks since the effects from her battlecry are just so strong!

That was a small introduction to some of the big game mechanics that will be changing upon the Grand Tournament’s arrival. I should also mention the new card back and board that will also be available soon. I’m going to start compiling the reviews of neutral and class specific cards, so they should be rolling out over the next few days. Follow to keep up with the latest updates! Also, all thoughts are only my opinion so please comment and join in with the discussion!

UPDATE – 25/08/2015

Here are all the class and neutral overviews, I hope you enjoy them:

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