Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Druid Overview

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Druid Card Review
My second batch of card discussion goes to Druid, the home of my ramp deck that I’ve had going for a while! Many were hoping for some viable board clear from The Grand Tournament expansion as the druid spells for destroying big minions are highly limited with Naturalise and Recycle being nothing compared to Polymorphs or Deadly Shots as they have too much gain for the opposing player. I think Druid missed out again, with Mulch being the newest minion destroyer, but even that gives the opposition a random minion, which could be highly problematic.


My favourite card to be revealed has to be the big legendary, Aviana. A hefty 9 mana price for a 5/5 minion but still, ‘your minions cost (1)’ is a gift for my ramp deck. I think they tried to help ramp decks with the Volcanic Lumberer which cheapens with minions dying during the round, but it was too slow and situational to make it into main decks.

Aviana should allow for a big turn 9, as paired with Innervate or The Coin we could be seeing a turn with Ancients of War or Ancients of Lore being played for 1 mana. It could be game winning. Also, as soon as you press ‘end turn’ the opponent has to remove Aviana offering some protection for the other big minions that have just come out. She could easily draw out a Fireball or Assassinate which could have been heading for your big taunt instead. A fantastic card that I hope to be using soon!

Here are Emma and James’ picks for their favourite and least favourite Druid additions:

Druid Best and Worst

Emma’s Best Druid Card: Savage Combatant – a big fan of the main Warcraft game, glad to see that the Beast interaction is being encouraged within Druid decks, plenty of cards from the expansion will make Beast Druid more viable.

Emma’s Worst Druid Card: Mulch – Druid does need a destroy a minion card, it’s a shame that this is what they’ve come up with for Druid. Not a bad cost, but still the risk of giving your opponent a good card.

James’s Best Druid Card: Darnassus Aspirant – a Wild Growth with 2/3 minion attached, so a lot of value, and if they use a spell to clear it all the better. It is sort of a slow Mechwarper for all minions.

Worst Druid Card: Astral Communion – so much risk, it’s just unplayable in a constructed deck.

Next up, I will be uploading the Paladin cards, so keep up to date for that upcoming post. Please like and comment, it would be great to discuss some of these cards and hear other people’s best/worst cards from each class!

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