Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Paladin Overview

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Paladin Card Review
Next on my list of The Grand Tournament reviews is the Paladin cards. Before the Grand Tournament, Paladin is only really a Dragon deck for me, and a distinct lack of epics or legendaries mean that I don’t find much use for Paladin if I’m honest. I was hoping that the newest expansion would mean a bit more variety for one of my most underused classes, but for me, the cards are a bit lacklustre compared to some of the other classes.

I think the new legendary Eadric the Pure epitomises this problem. A very unexciting card that doesn’t clear anything, the stats aren’t very exciting either, it is basically just a souped up Aldor Peacekeeper, I’m really not a fan if this is deemed to be the most powerful card out of the new set.

Tuskarr Jouster

If I had to pick one that I liked it would be the Tuskarr Jouster. I really like the mechanic of revealing the two minions and having the biggest mana cost lets you have the buff. It’s a new interesting dynamic that is completely random but will give great benefits when it pays off. If the card joust pays off, Tuskarr Jouster does slightly better healing that the Guardian of Kings and Holy Light along with the 5/5 minion for 5, which is quite good value for me. Also, it’s a Walrus riding a turtle, so what’s not to like about that?!

As I’ve said not many of these new cards appeal to me, I don’t have enough cards for a Secret Paladin and I don’t even own a Quartermaster. I don’t think any of these will be making its way into my Dragon deck any time soon.

Here are Emma and James’ picks for the newest set of Paladin Cards:

Paladin Best and Worst

Emma’s Best Paladin Card: Mysterious Challenger – could be of great value in a Secret deck pulling a load of secrets into the game for very little cost.

Emma’s Worst Paladin Card: Enter the Coliseum – would rather have a card that clears the biggest minion rather than living it there. It also destroys own minions which can be so annoying!

James’s Best Paladin Card: Murloc Knight – combo’d with a Fencing Coach, on turn 4 you could have a 3/4 Murloc, another Murloc and a silver hand recruit, so much value.

James’s Worst Paladin Card: Eadric the Pure – an Aldor Peacekeeper would be needed you don’t normally have to set so many target’s attack value down to 1. Too slow.

Next up, I will be uploading the Priest cards, so keep up to date for that upcoming post. Please like and comment, it would be great to discuss some of these cards and hear other people’s best/worst cards from each class!

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