Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Shaman Overview

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Shaman Card Review
Shaman class was my original Hearthstone favourite when I started, possibly because I would often hit the higher end of the variable damage on Crackle and Lava Burst and that meant winning! I think Shaman has become and less and less about totems as decks are commonly spell-based or used for deathrattles. As I’m writing my deathrattle Shaman is resummoning Sludge Belchers like there’s no tomorrow.

It seems as though the new Shaman cards are pushing back towards a totem centred approach, as more cards can interact totems on the board or summon your own. Tuskarr Totemic allows ANY totem to be summoned which includes Flametongues and Mana Tides rather than just the totems obtained from hero powers. The upgraded hero power from Justicar Trueheart also allows us to choose the totem making it suit to more situations. Although here I am saying that the totems are of new high importance when one of the new cards simply gets rid of it!

Charged Hammer

My favourite from the Shaman collection. the Charged Hammer is a 2/4 that replaces the hero power with ‘deal 2 damage’ after being destroyed. This completely alters what Shaman can do. If I’m honest, the hero power sometimes get in the way and its randomness tends to prevent a good game, so this new hero power can make the Shaman a lot more aggressive, I just want to know if the damage gets increased when paired with Justicar Trueheart?

Here are Emma and James’s picks from the Shaman selection:

Shaman Best and Worst

Emma’s Best Shaman Card: Healing Wave – 14 health is so powerful and even 7 isn’t bad if the wrong card comes up.

Emma’s Worst Shaman Card: Elemental Destruction – only viable with Lava Shock else you wouldn’t even touch it. At 5 mana you are basically missing your next go, too reliant on another card.

James’s Best Shaman Card: Tuskarr Totemic – high value to get the minion as well as any totem, even if it isn’t that great.

James’s Worst Shaman Card: Draenei Totemcarver – not really much use to Shaman players that don’t need big minions, very susceptible to silence.

Next up, I will be uploading the Warlock cards, so keep up to date for that upcoming post. Please like and comment, it would be great to discuss some of these cards and hear other people’s best/worst cards from each class!

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