Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Hunter Overview

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Hunter Card Review

Well, I’ll be honest Hunter is my least favourite class. The Hero Power, the Arcane Golems, the Wolfriders all of it! I think as long as The Grand Tournament didn’t come with any more empty hand favouring cards or ones that did charge, I would be very happy. The face hunter is annoying enough without bolstering the number of cards it has to choose from. I think in terms of the upgraded hero powers from Justicar Trueheart, the Face Hunter will continue to annoy but the other cards provided in the new expansion are very different to Hunter cards that have come before.

I really like the new Hunter secret Bear Trap, a more defensive Hunter spell that will summon a 3/3 taunt after the Hero has been attacked. Secret Hunter is an already a viable deck option but the secret provides defence as well as a substantial beast. A much better option than Snake Trap for me, although it will only throw the one knife when paired with Knife Juggler.

Acid Maw

One really interesting card is the 7 mana, 4/2 Acidmaw that will destroy any minion that takes damage. A really different style of board clear for Hunter, it seems really a really clunky way of clearing enemies. I guess it could go well with Unleash the Hounds as well as the also new, Dreadscale, although their clearance will leave a 4/2 or a 4/1 on the board (as the Dreadscale can damage the Acidmaw). I think it is mainly a last gasp clearance attempt, with 10 mana being the ideal turn to play it. If buffed up with health, it could be very useful with small charge minions attacking bigger ones and resulting in the kill, A very different but interesting Huter card for me.

Hunter didn’t get much of a new base of beasts to choose from in the neutral cards, although it didn’t really need any. I think the one benefit from the neutral cards will be the reduced cost Hero Power and the ability to fire the hero power twice. This will lend itself to a lot of face damage, or minions with Steamwheedle Sniper. Blizzard have managed to make one of the more powerful hero powers even more powerful!

Here are Emma and James’ picks from the Hunter selection:

Best and Worst hunter

Emma’s Best Hunter Card: Ram Wrangler – could be a lot of value if a big beast comes into play. It could be a turn 5 Gahz’rilla in a good case scenario. Has good potential with the Tundra Rhino as the newly summoned beast could charge straight away.

Emma’s Worst Hunter Card: Ball of Spiders – too much cost for what you get, very slow Hunter card too. The three 1/1s in too low for an instant effect from 6 mana.

James’s Best Hunter Card: Lock and Load – can lead to a completely new form of hunter game, a new archetype for decks. It helps with fast draw that Hunter can sometimes lack.

James’s Worst Hunter Card: Brave Archer – a very lesser Leper Gnome that you can’t guarantee the effect on, it could be dealt with instantly, not much point.

Next up, I will be uploading the Warrior cards, so keep up to date for that upcoming post. Please like and comment, it would be great to discuss some of these cards and hear other people’s best/worst cards from each class! The expansion has just been released so get online and try out some of these cards!

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