Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Rogue Overview

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Rogue Card Review

I think Rogue has done quite well in the new expansion but there isn’t much to shout about in terms of amazing new ideas. A couple of new cards such as Cutpurse and Burgle seem to headed towards the Warcraft feeling of theft, which seems more common with Priest cards at the moment. There is a few feeble attempts at some Pirate cards, but I don’t think Buccaneer and Shady Dealer are too viable really when it comes to high level constructed decks.Beneath the Grounds

My main Rogue use is my mill deck, Coldlight Oracles and Gang-ups make an annoying deck (when it actually works). The one problem I have with in this deck is the balance between minions and spells. I all too often don’t have any minion presence while I am trying to burn opponent cards. The new Rogue card Beneath the Grounds could be a perfect addition to a Mill deck, if your opponent is constantly drawing cards, the chance to summon a 4/4 Nerubian while burning cards will be a useful mechanic for me to use.

The new Rogue legendary Anub’arak  is generally disappointing, a high cost for only a 8/4 with a delayed effect. The summoning of a 4/4 isn’t great at turn 9, but I suppose for a Mill deck, is is 2 minions in one cost, which would help for minion presence on the board which I normally struggle with. Not a legendary worth spending your well-saved dust on though.

Here are Emma and James’s picks for best and worst Rogue cards:

Best and Worst Rogue

Emma’s Best Rogue Card: Burgle – reflects the character in the Warcraft game, and could be useful as the gain of two spells could be very powerful.

Emma’s Worst Rogue Card: Cutpurse – is it really worth playing? You may get one coin out of it, but then it will probably be dealt with quite easily, not worth putting it any decks.

James’s Best Rogue Card: Undercity Valiant – good value, not the best card ever, but it could allow for a turn one 1 damage plus a 3/2 when paired with the coin.

James’s Worst Rogue Card: Burgle –  it doesn’t have the reliability of Thoughtsteal where you know it will be a card within their deck, so it should be a decent card steal. The randomness aspect is too risky and can easily backfire.

Next up, I will be uploading the Hunter cards, so keep up to date for that upcoming post. Please like and comment, it would be great to discuss some of these cards and hear other people’s best/worst cards from each class!

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