Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Notable Neutrals


I thought I would round off my Grand Tournament review with some notable neutrals! There are a lot of neutral cards in the newest expansion (which is now live) so it’s important to work out what is worth crafting with your saved up dust! It’s important to not there is a lot of, let’s call them, ‘filler cards’. Not every new card can be revolutionary, so some have to be very average in order to make the others stand out. Although, let’s not dwell on the bad cards in this post, let’s look at the potential of some of the highly rated ones!

The big notable change is the neutral legendary Justicar Trueheart, although I have mainly discussed this card and the upgraded hero powers in my original review. Aside from this legendary there are many useful cards that will interact nicely with Hero Powers and the new inspire mechanic. Garrison Commander, Fencing Coach, Maiden of the Lake and potentially Frost Giant are all essential cards in my eyes for unlocking the new power of the Hero Power dynamic.

As many of us have already seen in the latest Tavern Brawl, the Mage class does extremely well with these cards, although all classes have potential to do something with them. I’m pleased to say I packed a Frost Giant last night and that should be in Mage decks coming soon. If played well, these cards can have such a devastating effect, with a combination of them all potentially meaning large increases in armour, damage and heal amount for some classes. It’s gonna be interesting!

Hero Power Buffs

There are a few good Inspire cards within the neutrals such as KodoriderMukla’s Champion, Kvaldir Raider and even Lowly Squire that all become powerful within a few taps of the Hero Power button. It does mean they need to be played after their mana price to enable at least one Inspire buff to work, but they have a lot of potential, especially when the inspire starts to stack up. The combination of Garrison Commander and Kodorider meant a lot of Kodos during the latest Tavern Brawl so it is a fantastic way to gain some board dominance whilst spending mana on the Hero Power.

The best Inspire card has to be the legendary Nexus Champion Saraad, which adds a random spell to your hand. The randomness can be risky but it could lead to so much tempo and aggro if the right cards show up.

Notable Neutrals

In terms of some of the other legendaries, I have already discussed the pair of Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane in my Priest Overview as I think they will have the most effect with the buffs Priest can give to minions. I approve of Chillmaw, Bolf Ramshield and The Skeleton Knight, all very good cards. In the Tavern Brawl, my opponent managed to resummon The Skeleton Knight three times! Very lucky but a game winning situation none the less. My only legendary I unpacked was unfortunately the Icehowl which is a bit disappointing as I’m not keen. Easily dealt with by Big Game Hunter the only thing it would be good for is a finishing move, like a Pyroblast, but of course, it can’t attack the enemy champion. It will probably be disenchanted sooner or later!

I can now conclude my Grand Tournament reviews, it’s taken a lot of work but it has been enjoyable and hopefully worth it. With the expansion now live it is time to go test these cards, it would be great to know how you are finding the new cards and what you have recently unpacked! Frost Giant

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