Just Another Sequel: 22 Jump Street (2014) – Film Review

22 Jump StreetAfter watching the first instalment 21 Jump Street, it was always destined for there to be a second, not-as-funny sequel. It is fair to say that 22 Jump Street followed the same sequel trend with maybe a few laughs and the complete loss of novelty that we saw in the first. The duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum returned as their same younger identities, although this time they’ve upgraded from high school and are off to college. There is the same ensemble of Ice Cube, the same parents and some of the same faces from the first film that for some reason decided it was worth coming back for a ten minute appearance in the sequel. The key word here is: same. It seemed a running joke that the plot was the same as the first time round, did the producers even want a sequel? There was nothing new or original which was very disappointing.

There main difference between the two films was the location, it was announced at the end of 21 Jump Street that this would be the next progression if there ever was a sequel. Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) prepare to go college and the usual dynamics of there cool kid vs. nerdy kid come to play. In the first film, it was amusing that the hapless Schmidt got in with the cool kids and Tatum was left in the chemistry lab, it kind of worked. This time round it was back to the usual way round, and watching Tatum play the football jock wasn’t as entertaining, especially since he enjoyed that more than solving the case, if you could call it a case, I worked out the dealer pretty early on.

There wasn’t many laugh out loud moments, there was a good running joke about Hill’s lack of free running skills and being mauled by a octopus was quite funny. A moment of realisation for Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) about what his daughter has been up to is a pretty enjoyable moment too. Apart from that there wasn’t much to laugh about, it was pretty unfunny for most of the time with a lot of the same themes being repeated from the first time around.

I think the general mood was negative towards the sequel there was plenty of in-film jokes about how it was better the first time round and how the money was always going to be better. I think maybe the writers weren’t keen on another film but someone else dictated that it had to happen. They appeared to try and write back and be funny but it just came off as being a bit bitter. The credits scenes epitomised their disapproval towards sequels, as it rolled off ridiculous sequels that made us get all the way to 50 Jump Street it was quite funny, but made you question why you bothered watching the film if they really didn’t want to make it.


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