Got Your Six, Five Finger Death Punch: Album Review

Got Your SixFive Finger Death Punch’s 6th album released since their formation back in 2005. That’s a pretty big haul of content considering each album is around 12 songs long. I’m a mild fan, I like a lot of their tracks and really enjoy favourites such as ‘No One Gets Left Behind’, ‘Lift Me Up’ and ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’. I’m lucky enough to have seen them at Download Festival this year, and they are ridiculously good live. It was exciting to see a new album was coming, it’s the first to be released since I’ve really got into their music. In general, I really like Got Your Six but I fear that there’s too many songs that sound too much the same. There’s a few gems on there, but maybe they could have waited a bit longer between releasing albums to have a better chance at fresher content.

I think the familiar sound of Ivan Moody’s vocals and the usual strong drum inclusion from Jeremy Spencer are valuable inclusions in the album. It’s what has made FFDP so good and the consistency is definitely there, but I think this album risks ‘consistency’ falling into ‘samey’. I really enjoyed the opening two tracks ‘Got Your Six’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, but after that nothing really stood out. There were certain moments in songs that were good but nothing else really stuck out for me. Guitar riffs and solos all sounded too similar to each other or to older songs. Especially ‘Diggin’ My Own Grave’, which uses the generic slow start with the powerful drop about one minute in. It sounds a little too close to ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’ and ‘Bad Company’ for my liking.

I think the best way to describe this album is aggressive, there are plenty of heavy hitters that will go down well when played live; ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘Meet My Maker’ are ones I want to hear on stage sooner rather than later. Some songs just sound a bit too generic and I don’t think they will becoming crowd pleasers anytime soon.

My girlfriend (big heavy metal fan!) says it seems as though FFDP produce too many songs and albums, which means the good songs get lost within a long list of songs that just sound the same. I see where she is coming from, from this album, I would say less than half of the songs are keepers and the rest are just hard to distinguish from one another. I would say the album is one where you need to pick and chose the songs you like. On the whole, a bit disappointing, we can be thankful for songs like ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ but in general it doesn’t seem like there is much to rave about from Five Finger Death Punch’s new album.

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