The Hateful Eight (2016) Film Review

As soon as the credits stated it was Tarantinos 8th film, there was a sense of knowing that it had to be good.

I think Tarantino has found his strong suit in western styled film, with Django Unchained already being one of my favourite films. The Hateful Eight sees eight men hauled up in an inn during a blizzard. One of the men is delivering a female prisoner to the local town for hanging, but he suspects one of the other men is there to set her free.

There was plenty of witty and clever dialogue, without missing out on any action. Plenty of blood spatters to be expected and gruesome yet apt injuries spread throughout the 187 minute run time.

A fantastic performance from Samuel L. Jackson alongside Kurt Russell, Tim Roth and noe Oscar-nominated Jennifer Jason Leigh. The characters they portray are all believable, enteratining and intriguing to watch.

Yet, rather than just being a bloodbath, there is a classy soundtrack from Ennio Morricone that really adds to the unique quality of the film. Plenty of great panning shots from Tarantino to keep the film buffs happy as well.

Overall, a highly entertaining film and not just for the action, the plot is so good, I would highly recommend this latest film. I hope it does well at the Oscars!


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