Daddy’s Home (2016) Film Review

Daddys HomeI have to say I had very limited expectations with what was promised as a middle grade comedy, but given this, I did really enjoy Ferrell and Wahlberg’s newest film.

Ferrell plays domesticated step-dad Brad, married to Sara (Linda Cardellini) desperately trying to be accepted by her two young children. Although Wahlberg’s Dusty character is Dad and looks to compete for the alpha male role in the household. The film documents their various hilarious attempts to be top dog of the household.

Of course, there is no ground-breaking novelty into fields of comedy but in terms of a half decent storylines and a few good laughs, there was no complaints to be had. For me, Hannibal Buress as Griff had the most laughs, a very entertaining character!

Ferrell and Wahlberg have already proven themselves as a formidable comedy duo in The Other Guys and Daddy’s Home is another good addition to their collection. I think it really helped having a full cinema screen to laugh along with.

Maybe wouldn’t rush to the cinema for this one but it’s certainly a comedy worth watching if you get the chance!

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