How Good Is MTV’s ‘Scream’ on Netflix? A Series Review

Scream Netflix

Series Synopsis: Netflix brings the horror classics back to life, with a series of slasher teen horror which is now deep into the second season. A series of murders take place in the fictional town of Lakewood, and leading lady Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) seems to be at the centre of the murderers attention, as well as a key to unlocking Lakewood’s dark past.

As a real fan of the original slasher horror films, a Netflix series couldn’t go far wrong in my books. Unfortunately, I have to say I was extremely disappointed from the outset. The acting was horrendous, the characters unlikeable and the ‘scary scenes’ being somewhat laughable. The amount of horror film cliche was unbearable at times and I couldn’t stand to watch the standardized cast of American teens attempt to induce emotion into lifeless and empty exchanges. And yet, I could not stop watching.

This Netflix series has truly captured the essence of the original films, as a viewer knows they are constantly being led down the wrong path and shown the wrong things. The antics of the hopeless characters on screen add more and more layers of intrigue and mystery to the plot as it becomes obvious that any attempt at finding the killer is being stauled. I was constantly sure of the killer’s identity although I was constantly wronged at each turn, making the next episode a necessity to watch.

So, if you want to relive the chills of Ghostface calling Drew Barrymore, who convieniently lives in the middle of nowhere, this is certainly a series to add to the watchlist. It will feel shallow and lifeless, you’ll probably fall out with it again and again, but be assured that as soon as you start the first episode, you’ll be sticking around until the killer’s mask finally falls.


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