Hooked After One Episode of Netflix’s New Original Series ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things Hooked Episode 1

I am writing this post fresh after viewing the first episode of Netflix’s Original Series Stranger Things, which was released earlier today!

Stranger Things Synopsis: Set in Indiana 1983, the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers sees a small rural US town overturned by supernatural revelations and shocking discoveries of government secrets hiding in the forest.

Verdict: This was an exceptional start to a series, a proper 80s mystery set out-in-the-sticks with supernatural and extraterrestrial intrigue. The mysterious disappearance of Will Byers looks set to provoke a large-scale manhunt from the police, as well as the nerdy trio of Will’s friends. A very Spielberg and Super 8 feel is what makes the film feel nostalgic yet also fresh. I feel the plot is going to be fast-paced and fun to watch, yet with a sprinkling of 80s threat and sci-fi terror. 

The music and moody settings truly transport us back to an 80s setting, the dark and shadowy threats of the forest remind me of films where CGI dependence was so low. It makes the terror seem effortless and raw, and I hope this continues throughout the series. I’m so pleased the usual stereotype of nerdy kids will be leading the way through the series, although I am particularly looking forward to seeing more from Winona Ryder (who plays Will’s Mum) as the series progresses.

I can’t believe I’ve enjoyed this much from one episode! I’m already hovering over the play button for the next episode and I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ve completed all 8 of them. I’m expecting big things from this series after a fantastic trailer, and now, a great first episode; I really hope it doesn’t disappoint!


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