Dear DC… Here’s How We Want Our Superhero Films Made Properly

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Dear DC,

So far in 2016, you have given us two DC films, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both were billed to be some of the most impressive blockbusters to be released this, but they really weren’t, were they? Bad storylines and heavy editing has left some of our most beloved comic book characters becoming lost in poor screen adaptations. After waiting a whole year from first reveal of Suicide Squad to the eventual film release, I was heavily disappointed with the outcome. Now I just want to make sure, to ensure no future disappointment, that you understand how we want our future DC superhero films to be made.

First of all, I would say that hero and villain origin stories are key. In a film like Suicide Squad where so many characters are introduced, it would be highly appreciated if all characters were given equally sized forms of introduction and the same amount of relevance. I understand that Deadshot is Will Smith and Harley Quinn will be more prevalent in future films, but what of Killer Croc, Katana, and Slipknot? All seemingly throwaway characters, when they could have been super badass additions to the story. Like Marvel’s Avengers, the team took multiple sequels to form, rather than a quick thirty minutes. I understand you want to match the size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there’s no rush to get there. Take the time to craft these characters over a few installments. I would happily watch a few developments of Harley and The Joker, why not follow up on the start of Captain Boomerang’s career. Thanks to Christopher Nolan, I will always watch DC films, so make more ‘better’ films rather than cramming all the ideas into one bad one.

Another overdone problem, which DC is not the sole offender of, is the constant threat of global domination. I’m sure it is within your capacity to create a villain that is not wrought wreaking world domination. Other superhero flicks such as Deadpool and Ant-Man worked so well because the heroes suited the crime, no global threat, just a simple comic book fight. Why, oh why, was the Suicide Squad team wielding only a few guns, boomerangs and a baseball bat taking on a poorly CGI’d Carla Delevingne witch? Fortunately, El Diablo had the potential to carry the team while the others cheered him on. I would have much rather watched the infiltration of a secret corporation or terrorist camp. It really would have suited the hand-to-hand combat style of many of the squad members. Save the global threats for Superman, if we could think of something other than hordes of useless armies and mass murders then it would be a whole lot more interesting. If I see another satellite destroyed in a superhero film, I may be forced to leave the cinema.

Now finally, let’s look ahead to the next Justice League film. Firstly, you do have an impressive selection of heroes and villains to deal with, let’s learn more about the story behind each one instead of flaunting their ability to do a backflip. The lack of epic silhouettes and rousing speeches to orchestral music was so refreshing in Suicide Squad. It is difficult to take some of these situations seriously, so why don’t we play more on that fact? In terms of music, Guardians of the Galaxy paved the way for alternative soundtracks, so I’m more than happy for different songs to appear in films, just try not to overkill it and let’s make the editing a bit less clunky. I’ve seen all the action before, let’s try and be creative with how the characters and villains interact. There’s going to be a lot of ground to cover with the cinematic formation of the greatest superhero team of all time. So, I’m begging you DC, please get this one right!

Kind regards,

A Concerned Fan

6 responses to “Dear DC… Here’s How We Want Our Superhero Films Made Properly

  1. Yes! I agree with all of this. I really wish that the Suicide Squad team hadn’t gone up against a universe-altering threat that looked a little too much like Ghostbusters. Your idea to have them go on a smaller blacks ops mission is a great idea. Unfortunately, DC’s cinematic universe has gotten off to a much rockier start than Marvel’s, but they have good characters so hopefully they’ll get on the right track soon.


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