Second Season of ‘Scream’ Has Finished And I Can’t Believe The Outcome

Scream MTV Netflix Season Two

So after twelve weeks of instalments of MTV’s Scream (although I watch it on UK Netflix), the killer’s mask has dropped and the newest Lakewood killer has been revealed.

Obviously, if you haven’t watched the final episode of the season yet I highly recommend you close this article now!

The reveal of Emma’s now long-term boyfriend, Kieran Wilcox, as the masked murderer came completely out of the blue for me. Convinced that Stavo and the Sheriff were somehow running the show, dismissing the blatant clues that it was Eli, I truly didn’t see this outcome coming. That is the true beauty of Scream, you think you’re being clever by dodging all the red herrings and decoding all the facts to fit your own conclusion, although you can never truly get the right outcome. The plot is never as straight forward as you want them to be, as we are kept guessing the killer’s identity until the final moments.

Of course, with the beauty of hindsight, Kieran would have been one of the main candidates. Piper Kerman, the murderer from the first season, had an accomplice for some of the murders, suggesting some of the new additions to the cast would be wiped from murderer candidacy. Also, as the main contact to the show’s heroine Emma Duval, Kieran is constantly updated with Emma’s latest thoughts and feelings, making her more easy to manipulate. It all makes sense now, but the way in which he wasn’t the main suspect throughout show the depth at which the writing kept him hidden.

His reveal concludes quite a good season of Scream, granted the amount of deaths were lacking but it feels as though there is a certain amount of depth when it comes to the development of characters. The Scream film never really dwelled on the trauma that such events would cause and at least this aspect of the events of Lakewood was actually explored. The series will definitely return with another killer to be let loose and despite the love-hate relationship I’ve had with this series, I’ll be certain to be watching the next time round.

Not seen my review of season 1? Here it is!

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