‘The Walking Dead’ S7E1 ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’: Character Predictions



The premiere of The Walking Dead brought shock and surprise as Negan’s victim(s) were finally revealed after the long wait to find some answers! If you didn’t know already, both Abraham and Glenn fell foul to Lucille, Negan’s barbed baseball bat. Shocking scenes were witnessed by the rest of the group, as Rick was slowly broken by Negan’s heinous actions and taunts.

After so much build up and anticipation, it was weird to finally see the events take place, and although I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, I feel more excited for what’s to come than for what I’ve just witnessed. Here, I’m looking to the rest of the season and wondering what will the effects of the harrowing night will mean for the rest of the season.

Here Come The Girls…

I think the closing scenes with Maggie really showed that the female characters are going to step-up in the wake of Negan’s actions. Maggie, Sasha and Rosita all had to face the loss of a loved one, and I think they will be the once to bounce back the hardest this season. Although now wounded, I think they will all have a much-needed badass bounceback. I think it would be about time, some of the girls haven’t been at the forefront of interest in recent series, especially Michonne who seems to have faded from the badass katana wielder she used to be.

Poor Maggie The Walking Dead Few Character Predictions.jpgI think it’s certainly time for Maggie to shine. She showed glimmers of assertiveness with Gregory at the Hilltop Colony, but I feel we need so much more from her. She’s been through some of the worst experiences with the deaths of Hershel and Beth and I feel its time for her to shine. If she does indeed lose the baby, as it currently seems likely, I really wouldn’t like to be at the wrong end of Maggie come season 7, if anyone deserves a shot at Negan, it’s her.

Poor, Poor Rick…

The Walking Dead A Few Character Predictions S7 Rick.png

Truly broken and destroyed by Negan, Rick seems a bit put out at not being top dog anymore. I think he will truly struggle with the lack of power this season, and will maybe become the same crazy-prison Rick we witnessed in season 3. I think the overwhelming need for revenge will eventually overtake any other emotion, but we may lose a little bit of Rick for a while. I guess we’ll have to see how well he’s coping in an episode or two.

Big Bad Negan

Walking Dead Season 7 Negan Character Predictions

What a performance from Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Perhaps already the most hated and feared villain in TWD history, I can’t wait to see more and more of this despicable man. JDM dominated every scene he was in and I hope his reign carries over into many more seasons. I think with time and development, he will surely become an infamous character and probably my favourite – for all the wrong reasons!

And The Rest…

With two of Rick’s right-hand men no longer with us, characters such as Aaron, Gabrielle, Eugene and Spencer now have some big boots to fill. It’s gonna take a lot to fill such big boots, but it’ll be interesting to see how they develop and grow into larger characters throughout the series.


The end of an era, RIP Glenn and Abraham!

So, how did everyone enjoy the first episode? What do you think will happen at the end of season 7? Do you agree that it’s Maggie’s time to shine? Let me know in the comments below, would love to discuss some Walking Dead with fellow fans!

Hoping to start updating weekly content on TWD predictions and episode reactions so follow for more, hoping for an amazing season 7 of The Walking Dead!

2 responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ S7E1 ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’: Character Predictions

  1. Negan, what a villain! I enjoy a lot the first episode, probably the best season opening of all the previous ones, this serie has definitely improved a lot in the last few seasons and this new one looks like it’s gonna be awesome, can’t wait for the next episode.

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