‘The Walking Dead’ S7E2 ‘The Well’: Introducing the Kingdom

After a rocket-fuelled episode one of The Walking Dead season 7, episode slammed on the brakes by introducing the kingdom. Morgan and Carol were split from the group at the end of season 6, and a few run-ins with the saviours concluded with them meeting with members of a new kingdom. The second episode led to them meet King Ezekiel and Shiva, two big characters from the comic book series. For my weekly segment on The Walking Dead, I thought I would write a little something about my first impressions of these big new introductions, as well as a general episode overview! Spoiler warning from here onwards…!

The Walking Dead King Ezekiel Shiva Tiger Kingdom


With all the weird and wonderful things we have seen on TWD, I felt like a tiger was one of the most random introductions we’ve had so far! Ok, so Ezekiel saved this tiger from being trapped at a Zoo, but he somehow has kept it trained and alive throughout this whole time? Although I’m hoping for some badass tiger fighting, the whole positioning of Shiva felt slightly awkward in this episode for me. All I can say is, that this new community must have a load of food to keep this big girl well fed!

King Ezekiel

The only prior knowledge I had of this new community leader is that he had a tiger! I was as dumbfounded as Carol during their opening exchanges and I found him just as bizarre as she did. I have no idea why he’s spouting grand statements like some Shakespearian king and I found him laughable, to be honest. I was definitely with Carol after the whole introduction scene to these two characters.

The Walking Dead Carol Kingdom S7EP2

However, he did seem to grow on me during the episode. I was concerned he was going to be a stubborn leader, unwillingly to admit the flaws within his community. Instead, he admitted to Carol that he was simply doing what was needed to keep the kingdom going. Despite his weird mannerisms and behaviour, I did come to appreciate him at the end of the episode. It will be interesting to see how his own conflict with Negan develops.

The Kingdom Community

We didn’t see too much of the other members of the community, except, bar a few exceptions, many are kept in the dark as to the true goings-on of the outside world. In many ways, they seem to be an Alexandria part two and it’s probably not going to be long before big secret bombshells are dropped on this innocent community, probably by Negan. I enjoyed the introductions of Richard and Blake, both two characters I would be happy to see more of across the series.

Do We Ship Corgan or Ezecarol?

The internet did seem to pick up the Carol chemistry between the two main men of this episode. She is a very endearing character and it does seem as though people are wanting to see her settle down. Despite wanting Caryl to be a thing for a while, I don’t think our resident firestarter needs to be pinned down to a man. Although a bit of fruit offering flirtation isn’t too harmless, I don’t want Carol to disappear in the wife/girlfriend role in the same way as Michonne!

Overall a pretty standard episode, but definitely a vital one that will progress the action of The Walking Dead Season 7. How did you enjoy the second episode? What do you think of the new characters that were introduced? Will be writing again after the next episode, so follow to keep updated!

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