How Good Was ‘Doctor Strange’?

How Strange is Doctor Strange? Benedict Cumberbatch Marvel Origins

Doctor Strange is the fourteenth film instalment of the MCU that sees brain surgeon Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, discover another realm of magical possibilities. Marvel and films fans alike are well accustomed to a good old superhero origin story, so a lot needed to be done in order to avoid making another rehash of a well-known tale. Overall, it did well to be different and alternative, the weird and wonderful storyline was put together with slick humour and style! Here are some of my favourite aspects of the film!

Doctor Strange Marvel Benedict Cumberbatch Tilda Swinton

Benedict’s Now A Marvel Man

The Sherlock, The Hobbit and Star Trek actor now only needs Star Wars to complete his geek-franchise bingo, especially now he has a top Marvel role to his name. The high-flying actor stormed this role, convincingly playing the Tony Stark-esque smartass turned humble hero quite convincingly. Not even Benedict’s forced American accent could make me dislike him. He did the action, the humour, the romance and the heroism really well, which ticks all the boxes for any up-and-coming Marvel hero. He’s going to be a fantastic addition to future films such as Infinity War!

Inception-Level Trickery

One of the most novel aspects of the Doctor Strange film was the delving into the ancient practice and magic, rather than technology and scientific experiment mishaps. The magic and reality-altering powers displayed were unlike anything that’s been seen before in the MCU. The CGI and trippy scenes of moving cities and time allowed for some truly mesmerising scenes that literally started to turn the world upside down! Messing with the shapes of buildings and cityscapes really made the film visually exciting and widely different from anything attempted by Marvel before!

Doctor Strange Review Marvel Benedict Cumberbatch Inception

New Characters Galore

I find that’s its only been a good origin film or series if more than the eponymous hero gets to shine during the film. There wasn’t a member of the cast I disliked, and I am excited to see Rachael McAdams and Chiwetel Ejiofor become larger parts of the MCU. Even Wong, the librarian and comedy-factor came out strong at the end of the film. There were no throwaway roles or characters, which made everything seem slightly more valued. And when a magical cloak somehow gets a likeable personality, you know you’ve watched something worthwhile!

Laughing All The Way

Another fantastic aspect of Marvel films, in general, is the lack of seriousness often involved throughout the story-telling aspect. I find DC Comic films all too often get too engaged in the ludicrous tales that they’re spinning and humanising these epic tales with a few gags and one-liners can be so refreshing. Doctor Strange was no different with plenty of jokes and quips that really kept the film grounded and not feeling overly serious. Not every joke hits perfectly, but I’d much rather quips about Wi-Fi codes than epic speeches about honour!

Dr Strange Marvel Tilda Swinton Ancient One

Post-Credit Gold

Like all good Marvel fans know, you should always stay until the very end to try and pick up every last hint and easter egg the film has to offer. Doctor Strange had a really strong pair of post-credit scenes that show exciting Marvel prospects on their way! I had no idea that Dr Strange will be making an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, but his little exchange with Chris Hemsworth in the closing scene now suggests otherwise! Stephen Strange should fit perfectly into some Asgardian inspired inter-galactic battles. And as for Chiwetel Ejiofor becoming the villainous Baron Mordo, it couldn’t be more perfect!

What did you think of Dr Strange? How did Marvel do this time round? Let me know in the comments or find and follow my Sollie Reviews Twitter page to continue the discussion!

2 responses to “How Good Was ‘Doctor Strange’?

  1. I loved it! I’m a big MCU and Cumberbatch fan and this one did not disappoint. I thought it told a solid origin story while also mixing things up just enough and adding a new (magical) dimension to the MCU. Great review!

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