‘The Walking Dead’ S7E3 ‘The Cell’: We’re On Easy Street

Walking Dead Season 7 Dwight Easy Street

It’s three episodes into the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead and no-one can get the ‘We’re On Easy Street‘ song out of their heads. Negan is certainly out to crumble some of our favourite heroes, although Daryl is a hard egg to crack, despite Dwight’s best efforts. This episode showed an interesting insight into the Saviours group, as well as seeing Daryl withstand the mental torture of solitary confinement. Here are my thoughts on certain aspects of S7E3!

Hang In There Daryl!

Poor Daryl is being locked up and fed dog food with Negan planning to break him down slowly to get his loyalty. We’ve rarely seen Daryl weakened during the many seasons of TWD, but this is certainly the hardest he has been pushed. With the weight of guilt regarding Glenn’s death firmly on his shoulders, Daryl looks to be at breaking point. Although, to his credit, he remained vigilant against Negan’s request at the conclusion of the episode. Fortunately, Daryl’s badassery has kept him in Negan’s favour (so far), but I am worried about how lienient the leader of the Saviours is going to be from now on.

The Walking Dead Easy Street Daryl Sorry Brother Giphy

What’s Dwight Up to?

First off, he needs to stop trying to pull off the Norman Reedus look, sorry brother, it really doesn’t work for you. Dwight seems a discontent with the Saviour ranks, but still sees loyalty and duty to Negan being the most important standard to uphold. He may not completely like what Negan does, but Negan in power means he has power, and the ability to make an awesome-looking sandwich. I don’t think we should right Dwight off completely, he still has a mean streak, but if push comes to shove it won’t take much to shake his loyalty.

More on Negan and the Saviours

From a few interactions with some of the Saviours in this episode show them to be the standard thugs and brutes we originally expected them to be. We had a few random appearance from Sherry, who we learn agreed to marry Negan despite her loyalty to Dwight. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still doing an awesome job in my books, still scary and dominating! I think his need for power and for control is his only way to be top dog, but at the same time, his actions may cause dispondency amongst the Saviours and cause his foes to band closer together.

Walking Dead Dwight Daryl Eugene Rosita Easy Street

We’re On Easy Street

Ok, ‘Easy Street’, a cheesy showtune was played at poor Daryl again and again throughout this episode to push him further and further to breaking point! So why did I find it so catchy?! It was clearly meant to have the opposite effect but I can’t stop humming it! It seems as though the Internet had a similar reaction! Even the song creator was delighted at it’s inclusion:

Some are calling for it to be the next Christmas #1 but I think everyone just needs to calm down a bit, until next Monday anyway!

How did you enjoy this week’s episode? How long do you think Daryl can hold out? Let me know if the comments below! Will be posting weekly on ‘The Walking Dead’ as well as content from other TV series and films!

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