‘Orange Is The New Black’: Questions That Need Answering in S5

Orange Is The New Black OITNB Season 5 Netflix

After binging through four seasons of watching Litchfield’s finest in action, I already have plenty of questions that need answering in season 5. I think that season 4 was the best season of Orange Is The New Black as it was explosive and entertaining throughout. Huge stories were put into place that put nearly all of our favourite characters at risk. The finale of season 4 was huge and now I’m already keen for season 5 to start. Here are some of the answers that season 5 has to address – spoiler warning ahead!

Will Daya pull the trigger?

Orange Is The New Black OITNB Dayanara Diaz Season 5 Answers

The closing breathtaking moments of season 4 saw Dayanara holding a gun to CO Humphrey’s head. In the midst of an uprising following the despicable handling of Poussey’s death, tempers are high and Daya, without her mother’s guidance, may well pull the trigger! She will face a whole lot more time and probably be unable to see her daughter, although, with mounting pressure, she may well do it! As much as the CO probably deserves it, it would be heartbreaking to see Dayanara condemned to Litchfield for longer.

What will happen to Susanne?

Orange Is The New Black OITNB Susanne Warren Crazy Eyes Uzo Aduba

My absolute favourite character (alongside Red), Susanne was broken at the end of season 4. The actions of CO Humphrey forced her to mercilessly beat Kukudio and her outburst during the peaceful protest may have been what ultimately lead to Poussey’s death. If it couldn’t get worse for Crazy Eyes, her sad back-story was also revealed. Izo Aduba plays Susanne Warren so well and season 5 needs to resolve her situation without her joining poor Lolly in the psychiatric ward.

How long has Piscatella got left?

In terms of cruel guards, it seems as though Piscatella will be the hardest one to get rid of.

Orange Is The New Black Mendez Pornstache Season 5 Piscatella

The big man may not have long left with disaster around him as well as having Caputo on his case. Although Piscatella has already shown he has some hefty leverage with the loyalty of his staff meaning if he goes, they all go. It seems he has some nasty history locked away in his past that we should hopefully have some more details on. Until then, I think he’s going to be around for a lot longer than all the prisoners are comfortable with!

When will Poussey get justice?

Orange Is The New Black OITNB Poussey Washington Justice

The traumatic ending to S4E12 saw long-term inmate Poussey Washington die at the hands of Baxter Bayley, in what was a fatal accident. The ineptness of MCC to organise a proper ceremony or even remove the body have led to more problems for Caputo and prisoners alike. With MCC trying to protect their own backs and finding someone to blame other than themselves it seems impossible for Poussey to get justice. I think the issue will remain unresolved, which can only lead to the guards feeling the wrath of angry inmates.

Who needs the limelight in S5?

As well as continuing some of the awesome stories from season 4, I think that OITNB has the ability to open up plenty of fresh stories from some of our favourite characters. Piper and Alex will probably be laying low for most of the next season, although if anyone’s going to do something stupid, you can guarantee it will be Piper. Red needs to return to the cruel head-chef of old, Healey needs to sort his mess out, Cindy and Tastee need to keep themselves out of trouble and Sophia needs to get Sister Ingalls out of SHU! There’s so much that has to be done to make season 5 better than season 4, but I hope the writers and the cast are up to the challenge!

How much are you looking forward to Orange Is The New Black season 5? Do you think Dayanara will fire the gun? Can you bear the wait much longer? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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