‘The Walking Dead’ S7E4 ‘Service’: Big Bad Negan

The Walking Dead stumbles further into season seven with the fourth installment, ‘Service’, being the first extended episode. Negan arrives at Alexandria for his first collection from Rick which involves clearing the armory. A few missing guns and a tantrum from Carl threaten to release Negan’s bad side, as he threatens to introduce Olivia to Lucille. A fairly good episode that starts to show fracturing in Rick’s group as well as a welcome return from some of the show’s quieter characters.

Big Bad Negan


In case you haven’t noticed yet, Negan is supposed to be the worst villain in The Walking Dead history. It seems as though the show runners are going to spell it out completely to us and are rightly going to push us to the point of despising his every action. He steals, he kills and he doesn’t play fair. I feel this is going to be repeatedly shoved in our faces throughout this season (and possibly the next!). I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not. I’ll be glad to see more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan doing what he does best, but I don’t his cruelty proven on a weekly basis. I need a new angle on this character.

Is Michonne Finally Back?

There was FINALLY something promising from Michonne this episode! She can hardly shoot a gun, but she too is reaching a state of frustration towards the Negan situation, and also towards Rick. I hope this heralds the start of her re-emerging from Rick’s shadow, where she seems to have been for a while now. Although we did get something more from her, there has to be more to come from her. She is my favourite TWD character, so I really hope she relives some of the glory days of seasons past, it’s been way too long!

Who’s The Father?

The Walking Dead Shane Judiths Father TWD S7

It has always been unclear whether or not Judith is actually Rick’s daughter. In this episode, Rick seemed to finally address the issue in a confession to Michonne. For me, it was quite a touching moment with Rick admitting that believed Judith to be Shane’s daughter.However, Rick says he remains loyal to Judith regardless. Of course, Judith could still be Rick’s daughter. Yet we now see how Rick views the situation, and how is he admirably putting his life on the line for a child that may not be his. It may not have added too much to the episode, but I’m glad it was addressed.

Viva La Revolution!

The Walking Dead Michael Cudlitz RIP Abraham Negan

In what I expect to be the start of many mini-uprisings, Rosita looks set to make the first move on fighting back against Negan. By withholding a gun, and looking to put Eugene’s bullet-making plans to good use, it looks as though she will fire the first shot. Rosita seems pretty riled by Dwight and Negan’s mercenaries. I think she will succeed in her efforts, although it may come at the cost of her or Eugene’s life.

I can see a web unfolding of different secret plans hatching within the group, as Rick seems unwilling to make a stand. As good as revolution sounds, I think it will only lead to more trouble for the group.

What did you think of the extended episode? How do you think Michonne and Rosita are going to act over the next few episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

2 responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ S7E4 ‘Service’: Big Bad Negan

  1. Great review man! Episode 4 was brilliant and it’s hard to tell how the story will evolve, personally I think Negan (unfortunately) won’t make next season, I foresee an epic revenge during this season, he’s indeed probably the worst villain of this franchise but somehow has his reasons; everyone seems to forget what Rick and co. did to their men, slaughtering while asleep, that was nasty stuff dude…

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