‘The Walking Dead’ S7E5 ‘Go Getters’: Here’s Maggie!

The Walking Dead S7E5 Here's Maggie: Jesus Hilltop Gregory Review

As we head into episode 5 of The Walking Dead season 7, it was finally time to catch up with Sasha and Maggie who are hiding up at the Hilltop Colony. It was finally time to catch up with Jesus and Gregory who are both suffering the wrath of Negan in a similar fashion to the Kingdom. I found the episode quite enjoyable, mainly because it fuels my theory that Maggie will be the one to take down Negan!

Maggie Rhee Ain’t Messing

First of all, relief that Baby Rhee is well and Maggie seems to be on the mend. But most importantly, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Maggie is hurt and beaten down by the loss of Glenn. Now she well and truly means business! Wielding a tractor and great right hook, Mrs Rhee is going to be a formidable force in season 7.

She would be my top candidate to take over Hilltop community, especially because I don’t see Gregory lasting much longer. Everyone may have their little side plans against Negan, but I see Maggie building up for all-out war! The season is definitely starting to build towards something, and I think we’re going to to have a killer mid-season finale.

The Walking Dead S7E5 Here's Maggies Return to Hilltop

Karma’s A Bitch, Gregory

When did Gregory become such an idiot? Stealing Glenn’s watch is a complete no-no for me and he got a deserved punch for it! The leader of the Hilltop Colony seems excessively bitter about Rick’s empty promise of dealing with the Saviours. He is a complete coward but as Maggie says, complete cowards can be very dangerous. Despite his efforts to turn over Maggie and Sasha, he was rewarded with a high dosage of karma. Simon graciously helped himself to Gregory’s drinks cabinet, much to his disgust. Quite a pleasing moment really, summed up by Jesus’s smug look as the box of alcohol and the portrait was marched off of the premises.

Ridiculously Fed Up Of Carl and Enid

He should have just let her go. As Enid starts to climb over the wall AGAIN, maybe it’s time someone tells Carl that there’s more fish in the sea. It was blatantly obvious that he was going to go after her, so a good few minutes of an enjoyable episode was wasted. Then there’s the roller-blading, the kiss… where does it end? Also, the long drive to Hilltop was walked within mere minutes? Need to move on from these two and fast! At least Carl being shipped off in the truck we might not have to suffer many more teen angst scenes. I think ‘JSS’ is a motto we can all invest in when getting through these scenes.

The Walking Dead S7E5 Here's Maggie Jesus Gregory Hilltop

The Negan Plots Thicken

Sasha is following in Rosita’s footsteps by slowing starting some sort of plan against Negan. She recruits Jesus to jump inside the truck headed back to Negan’s base without letting Maggie know. There isn’t much else revealed in terms of a plan yet, but perhaps the joining together of all the separate ideas will eventually form the master plan against the baseball bat wielding maniac. Unfortunately, conspiring against Negan isn’t going to be the safest or most profitable enterprise opening up all of the remaining cast members to an eventual death. But then where we would be if there wasn’t threat of gruesome death in The Walking Dead?

How did you enjoy this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? How much are we loving Maggie right now? Let me know in the comments below!

2 responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ S7E5 ‘Go Getters’: Here’s Maggie!

  1. I loved this week’s episode! Personally, not including the premier of course this was my favourite episode of the season so far (that being said I am a massive Maggie fan). I’ve just wrote a review on this same topic if you’d like to check it out, it looks like we share a few of the same views too!

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