‘The Walking Dead’ S7E6 ‘Swear’: Same Old Story?

The Walking Dead S7E6 Same Old Story: Tara Chambler Heath

The Walking Dead finally brought us up to date with Tara and Heath in this week’s season 7 episode ‘Swear’. Separated from the rest of the group, we haven’t seen these two for a while.  The pair is split up during a walker attack on a bridge, and Tara finds herself in yet another new community. Surprise, surprise this group has also been affected by Negan. I do love the attention to individual characters during this season but are we starting to border on repetition when it comes to meeting new groups and furthering Negan’s reach?

Is It Starting To Become The Same Old Story?

Although we have been through a season slog once or twice before, it seems as though, unfortunately, the season may be getting a little too slow for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving a more widespread focus on characters. This season has allowed more air time for some of the fringe characters, and their development is definitely strong. However, it does seem as though characters are ‘turn taking’ they’re way through episodes and, with such a fractured group, this is already becoming become a drawn out process. And to that I say…

The Walking Dead S7E6 Same Old Story Shane Enough Jon Bernthal

With the constant addition of new communities, I feel we are slowly going to lose sight of the main issue. There are too many side stories being introduced every episode and every episode we hear another Negan related story. I have enjoyed the majority of episodes so far, but this one started to feel slightly frustrating. Dare I say it, but it’s starting to feel a little bit like ‘filler’ while we wait for the (hopefully) action-packed end of the season.

Meeting The New Community: Oceanside

The appearance of another community shows how our main group of characters aren’t as alone as they thought they were. The all-female community greets Tara suspiciously, as they live in fear of having another run-in with Negan.The main characters we meet from this new community are Natanya, Beatrice, Kathy and Cindy, all who seem interesting enough, but by no means ground-breaking the TWD world. Are these women huge comic book characters? I have no idea. Will they be back in a future episode? Most definitely. Do they have an awesome tiger like King Ezekiel? No, not at all.

The Walking Dead S7E6 Same Old Story Tara Alanna Masterson

Redeeming Heath

After the debacle on the bridge, it appeared that Heath left poor Tara to fend for herself. Fair to say I wasn’t singing his praises when he turned to flee. However, it was later revealed that he came back for her and now, we are unsure of his fate. As per usual, there was a well-placed zombie doppelganger to convince us of his death, but that well-used technique didn’t fool for long. I’m sure Heath will be back before long, either wandering the streets or hitching up with Daryl in one of Negan’s cells.

What Could Be Better?

This episode was one of my first grumbles about the season, but not necessarily due to the episode’s content. It’s simply down to the run of episodes that we’ve had which ultimately cover a lot of the same ground. After a breakneck start to the season, it has certainly hit a rut and it’s one that we need to swiftly get out of. Of course, we are going to more than likely have a huge season finale, but that’s not quite good enough. Starting to crave more than cliffhangers and drawn out tales we need some varied pace episodes with more varied content that doesn’t repeatedly cover the same ground and the same message.

So there’s my review of The Walking Dead S7E6. What did you think? Do you share the same opinion of a slight dip in speed over this section of the season? Let me know what you think in the comments!

2 responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ S7E6 ‘Swear’: Same Old Story?

  1. I agree with you even if I kind of like this episode, it had a good pace despite it was centered on one of the secondary characters, the issue with this season is that the opening episode was too good, with a perfect level of tension and suspense and with an unforgettable performance by the villain, after this one we had episode 2 that was only focused on Carol and the guy with the stick, that was kind of a downer after such a great opener, I feel confident about the rest of the season but I guess we won’t see much action until after the break in new year, each next episode will set up the characters in the right place just to have an unforgettable revenge finale, this is what I think but I may be wrong…


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