‘The OA’ Netflix Series Review

The OA Netflix Series Review Sollie Reviews

My latest watched series to has been The OA which is an 8-part show currently streaming on Netflix! I’ve managed a few series over the past year, but none are quite like The OA! Upon the return of missing girl Prairie Johnson, the community is shocked to find that the once blind girl, has now returned with full working vision. As she struggles to deal with adjusting to life back at home with her parents, Prairie brings together a group of random people to whom she can tell her story. She recalls her secret past life, her time as a captive, and how she thinks she can interact with powers from alternate dimensions.

The end of that last paragraph escalated quickly, didn’t it?! Some are dubbing this series as the salve for missing Stranger Things too much since the series goes above and beyond what is expected of it. I didn’t know what was to come when starting The OA, I was honestly only expecting an abduction story with a sci-fi edge, but what you get from watching The OA is a whole lot better than that!

‘The OA’ Synopsis

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The story is staged as a retelling from Prairie (played by Brit Marling) who recounts her life story to a ragtag group of people she meets upon her return home to live with parents Nancy and Abel (played by Alice Krige and Scott Wilson). The group, which includes school teacher Betty (played by Phyllis Smith), hear everything about Dr Hunter Hap (played by Jason Isaacs) who has spent his entire scientific career attempting to decipher what happens after death. He stores ‘test subjects’ in his cavernous cellar to experiment on, which is where Prairie has been held captive with fellow prisoners including Homer (played by Emory Cohen). What the prisoners and Hap discover is something beyond any scientific or human understanding.

You Won’t Be Able To Put This One Down

I loved the way the story was told and how we flitted between past and parent. As Prairie sits and tells her story to the group by candlelight, it almost feels as we are sat there with her. Brit Marling’s acting and storytelling voice kept you hooked on almost every word. The high-quality visuals and sounds proved a really immersive experience. I’m not going to lie, it does get pretty weird. When dealing with death/afterlife/alternate dimensions, some series can lose their way. But not this one.

It’s the beauty of series like this, and of series such as Stranger Things, how they place weird and wonderful stories into a ‘normal’ world and see how they play out. I always love watching plots such as these because they open up a realm where anything can happen. You become grouped in the same boat as half the characters who approach the bizarre content in the same wonder, awe or even fear, as you do. The OA brings to life that sense of discovery which powers the series and makes it so intriguing to watch.

Dares To Be Different

The OA Netflix Series Review Sollie Reviews

It does sound cliche, but you won’t have seen many series like this one before. If you have then let me know, I’d love to watch more like The OA! You can easily switch between other series knowing what’s around the corner, but with this one, you’re misled every time. There’s plenty of tense scenes, action, intrigue and character investment – I really can’t recommend this one enough!


Have you seen The OA yet? What did you think of the new Netflix series? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m behind on some of these Netflix original series, but they’ve certainly been putting out a lot of interesting content! I love that Netflix is able to take some chances on projects that might not work on a regular network.

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