Is ‘La La Land’ Actually Any Good?

Oscars are now all lined up for the new hot 2017 film La La Land which is directed by Damian Chazelle and stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The film has been nominated for fourteen Oscars which mirrors its success at the Golden Globes. Unfortunately, at this time of year, films such as La La Land are discussed only in terms of what awards they are worthy of. Sometimes we should just review a film for itself and the talk of awards can come later. So, beneath all the hype of the Oscars, is La La Land actually any good?

The Verdict



In general, yes, La La Land was a highly enjoyable film, that was well made, held my interest and was very entertaining. I admit to almost recoiling in horror at the start of the film when the entire cast started dancing and singing their way through a traffic jam, but fear not, it gets a whole lot better than that. What boils down to a classic romantic love story is told in a fun and lighthearted manner, and I felt you do sometimes find yourself getting lost in the glitz and glam of a classic Hollywood romance.

The pace did drop in places, but I felt that was necessary for the tone of the film. As the pair realised the realities of their dreams not being as magical as once hoped, their lives became a whole lot drab and the spontaneous breakouts in singing slowly decreased.

The dancing scenes above the Hollywood skyline felt pretty iconic and was truly lifted out of some kind of sixties classic. There were plenty of good scenes in the film, but I think your most memorable one would have to be the pair dancing, both actors clearly threw themselves in the roles and both gave awesome performances.

Is La La Land worth all the hype?

Is La La Land Actually Any Good Ryan Gosling Emma Stone Dancing

It seems to me that by sticking a few show tunes and dance numbers into a film can suddenly transform it into a new movie sensation. Of course, the sing-a-long songs in the film are considered novel, but does it add anything extraordinary to the film? Perhaps not. In its roots, the premise of La La Land is one we’ve seen many times before, so when the film ends like it does, I didn’t really feel like I’d experienced a new film sensation that was promised.

I think it was the hype surrounding La La Land which made it fall a little bit short for me. The film was very good, yet in the reviews and Oscar predictions, it seemed to be made out to be more than it actually was. I think film audiences are craving for something original then perhaps a film such as La La Land should be celebrated that little bit more. But for me, a rehash of a somewhat well-used storyline can be fantastic, but not as mindblowing as some of the reviews could make it out to be.

Ending/Meaning Of La La Land


Is La La La Land Actually Any Good Ryan Gosling Emma Stone Kissing

The best part of La La Land definitely the conclusion (the dance scene was good, but the ending was definitely better). It showed an almost ‘world that could have been’ where Sebastian and Mia may have made it together as well as achieving their dreams. Although what La La La Land shows is that the love story and achieving of dreams can never co-exist, they can only choose one or the other. As they make eye contact across Seb’s jazz club they both acknowledge the world that could have been, but now have to accept the reality that is the real life, and not one we see at the movies.

What did you think of La La Land? It’s definitely a great film, but does the hype ruin it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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