‘Legion’: A Lowdown on the Start of the New Marvel Series


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Ok, so after receiving a few recommendations from friends to check out the first episode of Legion, I thought it best to try it out. This original FX and Marvel Television series stars Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza and Jean Smart and is based on a Marvel comic book of the same name. Considering I was expecting a smooth and easy watch from a pilot episode, what I expected was certainly a whole lot different to what I actually got!

What I Expected

Whenever you say ‘Marvel TV series’, my mind always bypasses the awesomeness that is the main group of Netflix series (DaredevilLuke CageJessica Jones) and goes straight to the likes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – which perhaps isn’t so grand. I have watched a huge amount of episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I always get that slight ‘meh’ feeling when I think about it.


Also, knowing this show was part of the mutant side of events, I was more than prepared for a Patrick Stewart speech on evolution, followed by a vibrant title sequence concluding with a shot of the Cerebro doors closing (just like the GIF above, thanks to this Tumblr user for helping me prove my point). Surely, this sort of beginning is what everyone thinks of when you are told a series is based on Marvel mutants?

What I Actually Got

I was hugely surprised to end up watching an episode that was delightfully mind- boggling and often left you wondering which way was actually up.The main man, David Haller is a diagnosed schizophrenic living in an institution. Although, it seems as though David is a whole lot more powerful than we are led to believe. The show places us into the whirlwind of David’s mind, who also doesn’t fully comprehend his powers. After meeting Syd in the institution he starts a journey that will reveal all about past, present and future.

The first episode was rammed with flashbacks, dream sequences, reality-altering actions and a whole load of weirdness. The whole thing had a feel of Inception to it, although a felt a dab of Stranger Things with some of the musical choices. Apparently, there is a lot of Fargo in this (because of director Noah Hawley) but that’s all I know about that link. The show was by no means a regular Marvel jaunt and instead seems an extremely trippy psychological rollercoaster.

What’s To Come?

Well hopefully, more of the same, please. The first episode was intriguing, full of questions and extremely fast-paced. I feel after the weird and wonderful events that occurred during The OA, I should almost be ready for anything the show can throw at me – although I am more than happy to be surprised. The series is probably going to be hella confusing, but after such a great first episode, my intrigue certainly has the better of me and I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Have you seen Legion yet? (I highly recommend it if not!) If you have, what did you think? It’s certainly going to be a weird series, but I cannot wait. Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to get another opinion on such a bizarre first episode of Legion.

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