If Anything, The New 2017 ‘Rings’ Film Was Pretty Funny

If Anything New Rings 2017 Film Was Pretty Funny Samara Well

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Here’s my review of Rings, one of the first films I’ve seen this year that I’ll be giving a bad rating to. The new Rings 2017 film is a new ‘horror’ that continues the story from The Ring. It’s rare for me to give a bad review, as I tend to write about things I enjoy, but the Rings film was just so bad. From the cringeworthy opening scene, which looked kinda cool from the trailer (the plane scene), I knew things weren’t going to be that great.

Too many of the ‘scary bits’ just came off as funny, mainly because of poor execution and just not enough tension. So, if you like laughing at bad horror films, it’s great, but you’ll be disappointed if you’re expected a full blown supernatural chiller.

Too Much Story

Ok, so they tried to bring something different to the table. The boyfriend of the story, Holt, gets caught up in some weird experiment conducted by Leonard Hofstadter (because Johnny Galecki can be no one else) believing the video tape is some sort of connection to ‘the other side’. They trick new students into watching to save themselves the dreaded fate. Worried, girlfriend of the story Julia, comes to visit and gets caught up in finding out what actually happened to Samara in an attempt to set the girl’s spirit free. Although Vincent D’Onofrio does show up, Fisk can’t really do much to save the rest of the film.


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Although they did try and switch up the story a little bit, I think some horror film franchises simply have to accept that we aren’t all watching to get a well-told tale. We want to be scared witless! Ok, finding out what happened to Samara’s mother is sort of a new direction, but does it add anything at all to the amount of cool and unnerving scary stuff we see? Nope.

Rings was mainly disappointing through the lack of suspense and mystery. We know to the letter the process of the video tape and the phone call (in case you have forgotten it is relayed repeatedly in painful detail throughout the film), thus any shot at inevitability is already lost. It’s another failed attempt at rebooting an already overdone franchise.

Is Rings Scary?

If you were terrified of Samara in The Ring, you may suffer a few horrific flashbacks of a girl climbing out the TV.However, if your image of Samara is her fighting Brenda in Scary Movie, then you’ve not got much to worry about as she only makes a few sporadic appearances

If Anything New Rings 2017 Film Was Pretty Funny The Ring Brenda Scary Movie

The ‘deaths’ (spoilers) of some characters if anything is a bit lackluster as, like I’ve said before, just too predictable. Admittedly, there are a few scenes where I pulled my hoodie over my head a little bit, as some of the abandoned rooms beneath the church were a bit eerie and vomiting up hair isn’t an easy watch either. Yet overall, I think you’ll be safely sleeping with the light off after watching Rings.

Worth Heading To The Cinema For?

No, not at all. Save your money! It’s not even one for ‘people who really enjoy horrors’, I’d say completely avoid this one. There are plenty of amazing films out at the moment which you should be seeing instead. I’d make sure you see La La LandSplit, and Lion while you still can and definitely give The LEGO Batman Movie a go while you’re at it. If anything, Rings was maybe the worst film I’ve seen in 2017 so far, so in terms of new 2017 releases, this one rates pretty poorly.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think! Have you seen Rings yet? Do you agree that Rings is the worst new 2017 film release so far?

7 responses to “If Anything, The New 2017 ‘Rings’ Film Was Pretty Funny

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  2. The Ring was actually one of the very few movies back in the day that managed to scare me truly, so needless to say I am a big fan of it. It’s been a while since I watched a horror but I decided to give this one a go. To summarize it – it delivers quite alright for a fan. It is upgraded, tries (moderately) to expand on the mythodology and we have the dark Leonard Hofstadter and his weird experiment/research in it which was actually the highlight for me. OK in terms of acting and visually The rest is however the good old recycled stuff we already watched this time the teen edition. As other reviewers pointed out it is not really scary but (kinda) keeps your mind occupied during it running time which is perfect for a lazy working Friday afternoon.

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