‘Ricky And Morty’ Season 3 Teased? Reaction To The New Video

Reports are flooding in that a new season three of Rick and Morty has announced and a new exclusive look at the first scene has been revealed! WRONG! A bunch of misleading titles and captions have produced what could be one of the biggest, and most satisfying, ‘Rick Rolls’ of all time! Here’s the video that was released…

I personally found it pretty funny, it’s exactly what we should expect from the likes of Adult Swim! It may be a very old internet joke but it’s certainly a good one. I mean at least it actually showed some Rick and Morty, can you imagine if it was just a plain Rick Astley video? It would have been the worst video of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ ever!

UPDATED 02/04/2017 – A New Season 3 Premiere Has Been Released – but for one day only! The surprise release of the new episode ‘The Rickshank Rickdemption’  was streamed on Adult Swim! Although it was whipped away pretty quickly, so who knows when it’ll be back. It was a pretty good episode for sure, hope everyone got to see it!

However, it seems as though some people haven’t taken this Rick and Morty tease that well! After a long wait for news on a new series, this was definitely a cruel joke to play, although I think we should try and see the best in this – something is coming! I think if Adult Swim has dared to play a cruel joke such as this, then they must smugly know that something good is on the way. It sounds as though production is well and truly underway, so we’ll hopefully see some new stuff before the end of 2017!

My Hopes For Rick and Morty Season 3

Ricky And Morty Season 3 Teased Reaction To The New Video

Photo Credit: Polygon

  1. More Interdimensional Cable – perhaps the best and most random parts of the show, I loved the episodes where the family simply sat down and watched TV from every dimension. The easiest way to flit between gags, I think there’s certainly room for another viewing of alien TV!
  2. More Alternate Realities – one of my favourite episodes was ‘A Rickle In Time’ which simultaneously showed multiple realities sparking off at once. Ridiculously clever content that I hope they can somehow pull off again. Dimension gun at the ready!
  3. More Ricks – I think there’s a whole universe of duplicate Ricks that can be put to good use.I loved the episode where they met up with the rest of the Ricks in the galaxy so surely there’s room in the spaceship to bring a few Ricks back to earth to cause some mayhem.
  4. More Morty – with Rick hauled up in space prison (SPOILERS!) maybe we will see some more of Morty trying to rescue Grandpa Rick. Constantly in Rick’s shadow, the start of season three should see this stammering teenager become the hero!
  5. More Randomness – basically the crux of Rick and Morty. The randomness that takes them flying around the galaxy and between dimensions it what makes the show so alive. The show needs to keep up the fresh and funny ideas, as they have by no means disappointed so far!

So, here’s hoping that we can FINALLY get some more details on Rick and Morty Season Three. I’m probably not the truest fan, having only recently started the series, but I can’t imagine the frustration of fans who’ve been waiting all this time!

Where you happy with being well and truly ‘Rick Rolled’? How much are you looking forward to seeing a new series? Let me know in the comments below! I’ve been watching Rick and Morty on Netflix, if you’re not already a big fan I can’t recommend checking it out enough!

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