‘Deadpool 2’ Sequel Hype Begins with the ‘No Good Deed’ Teaser Trailer!

Deadpool 2 Sequel Hype Begins with the No Good Deed Teaser Trailer Ryan Reynolds Stan Lee

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The Deadpool 2 sequel hype can officially begin with the now official release of the ‘No Good Deed’ teaser trailer. An easter egg short at the start f the new Logan movie, this clip shows the Merc with a Mouth back in action. With all the quips, self-awareness and cheesy tunes, it feels as though Deadpool will certainly be back with a bang! Although, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get too excited with this latest teaser trailer as we’ve still got a long 12-month wait until to the expected March 2018 release date.

Teaser Trailer Breakdown

As well as being a welcome return of everyone’s favourite fourth-wall-breaking hero, this Deadpool 2 clip is littered with references and nods to a whole host of other facts we can learn about the much-anticipated sequel. And there’s a Stan Lee cameo, what more could a Marvel fan want?! Here are some of the main easter eggs I have found when watching the clip (and with plenty of research on the Internet!).

Cable Is ‘Cumming’

There are also a few nods to the new character Cable, who was revealed as being in the next Deadpool movie in the Ferris Bueller post-credit scene of the first film. The graffiti on the phone booth says ‘Nathan Summers cumming soon’ which further confirms this. Who is Nathan Summers you may ask? I think this ComicBook.com article will answer all your questions!


Logan References

The 3 minute short is littered with Logan references with posters, the ‘now showing’ sign and Ryan Reynolds best Australian impersonation makes another welcome appearance. You’d hope these references are placed for more than the fact that this clip is showing before the new Wolverine film. I’m hoping it shows that one day, we’ll see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool on screen together.

Other Superhero Franchises

As well as the lengthy reference to Superman through this music and Deadpool’s attempt at the ‘quick-change’ in the phone booth, it could be argued a few other films can be referenced here. We’ve seen Peter Parker’s poor Uncle Ben shot by a mugger once or twice in the street before, so is this poor old man another Ben Parker? If anything, I think Deadpool writers are reminding us how very aware they are of their superhero surroundings.


Obscure Character References

Since everything can mean anything in trailers such as these, no piece of graffiti or lettering has escaped some sort of analysis. The wall behind Deadpool in the back alley reads ‘OGGY WAS HERE’. Some have pointed out this statement could refer to a Thor comic book character named Oggmunder Dragglevadd Vinnsuvius XVII. I mean, an appearance of a Giant may be a suitable nemesis for Colossus. Also, anyone else notice ‘The Alleycats’ written on the back of the dustbin lid? It could be a nod to the Marvel character Alley Baggett – click the link to find out more!

Firefly References?

Some very keen-eyed viewers have spotted a whole host of Firefly posters on one of the shop fronts, which they think could narrow down the actor who is playing Cable. This may just reference the return of actress Morena Baccarin from the first film as she was Wade’s girlfriend Vanessa. However, it could potentially show famous actors such as Nathan Fillion perhaps becoming Deadpool’s new nemesis.

'Deadpool 2' Sequel Hype Begins with the 'No Good Deed' Teaser Trailer

The Old Man and the Sea Text Ending

The trailer closes with a humorous retelling of The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. The text is tiny is flies by pretty quickly, so go ahead and read the fine print transcript here. But what does it mean? The book by Hemingway features a man out a sea who, after a long wait to catch a fish, is then repeatedly attacked by sharks for his catch.

The shark attacks are eloquently retold as follows: “just when you think you’ve finally found something good and true, sharks come along and rip it all to f—ing shreds while dry humping your dignity with their crazy weird shark dicks”. The only thing that strikes me here is perhaps a reference to the long wait for a good mutant X-Men film. Deadpool probably considers his first film to be the best ‘catch’ of the superhero movie world, and, as soon as its out, other ravenous shark-like franchises try and copy, mimic and ruin the original piece. This is completely unfounded and by no means official. It’s just my way of interpreting what is a pretty funny quote!

'Deadpool 2' Sequel Hype Begins With The 'No Good Deeds' Teaser Trailer WHAM

WHAM! That was a lot of references and inclusion for one small 3-minute teaser! I think above all we know that despite the loss of Tim Miller as director, we can rely on Ryan Reynolds to continually steer Deadpool in the right direction! The Deadpool hype has truly begun and I cannot wait to see the Deadpool 2 sequel!

What did you think of the trailer, did you spot anything else that was hidden within? What did you make of that fine print at the end – I really don’t know what it means! Let me know in the comments below!

4 responses to “‘Deadpool 2’ Sequel Hype Begins with the ‘No Good Deed’ Teaser Trailer!

  1. I really enjoyed this short teaser before Logan. I enjoyed but didn’t love the first Deadpool movie as much as I was hoping to. I’m actually more excited for the second one, now that they’ve got the character’s origin story out of the way. Regardless, Ryan Reynolds is awesome in this role.

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